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August - September 2008

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August - September 2008



by Amyn Dahya

Our world is facing significant challenges in the form of wars, epidemics, natural disasters, crime and shrinking humanistic values, which are typically driven by negative energy and thought. It is therefore, essential, that a counter balance of positive thought and energy be engaged to reverse this trend.

Amyn Dahya with supports Manisha and her friends

No matter where we turn, we see crime, injustice and human abuse. Be it audio, video, print or word, we hear of sadness, struggle, and conflict. We continually seek to increase our individual resources, whether it be time, money, or love; rather than focusing on the unit, which includes the family, work and community. We hear of another’s misfortunes and look for reasons to justify it, rather than praying for them. Why do we accept that it is okay for one to have food on the table but not another? Why do we accept that it is okay for one to have love and respect but not another? Why are we afraid to lend a hand, to give of ourselves and to seek the best for humanity? Life is not about the self, but about the ‘Oneness’. Life is about living and flourishing as a unit. Therefore, it is essential that our thoughts be focused in a positive direction, to counteract the current negative mass consciousness causing disharmony and destruction to our planet.

The Alacanzeran civilization have predicted 2012 as the year of powerful transformation. They have stated that the direction of human consciousness will determine whether we rise to new heights or move towards the demise of our planet and civilization. Although their predictions of a falling civilization have been evidenced, they have indicated that a restoration of equilibrium within humanity and the planets’ focal points will give rise to new heights of consciousness and universal equilibrium. The focal points of the planet are similar to the key focal points in the human body, e.g. the heart, brain, mind, etc. Therefore, it is up to us individuals to make a conscious S.H.I.F.T. to restore the harmony within humanity and the planet. This consciousness is created through the power of thought.

Since positive thought is born at the core of the human spirit through simple awareness and contemplation, every individual, regardless of circumstance will be able to contribute towards this positive energy.

S.H.I.F.T. Shaping Human Intellect for Tomorrow, is an initiative to ‘effect change through the power of thought’ by uniting and dedicating positive thoughts of people from all walks of life towards a world of unity, peace, and social & environmental care. To date, S.H.I.F.T. has completed meditations at three focal points: Montserrat in Spain; the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, and Mount Teide in Tenerife, Spain. Please visit us at to view the video clips, Donate-a-Thought, or check the upcoming events.

In the meantime, please remember to: think S.H.I.F.T. - Shaping Human Intellect for Tomorrow – It all begins with you!

Thought has life; and therefore, each time we think, we sprinkle seeds that germinate in our own lives as well as the lives of others, with powerful ripple effects.

(an excerpt from the Great Scrolls on Mount Sakhava)
We shall disclose to the world, through instruments of the ORIGIN, the seven Azirahs (points) on the planet Earth, where the specific energies of equilibrium are focused. Humanity shall be led to these Azirahs, where meditations should be carried out by masses of people who will be called upon to do so by the Voice of Inspiration. These meditations will restore the equilibrium in each of the seven Azirahs resulting in complete restoration of the harmonic energy of the earth. This process shall bring about powers of unification in humanity, which shall pave the way for positive transformation into the Thirteenth Civilization, This must happen before the transformation point of (2012) in the cosmic cycles.

THE ALACANZERA RISE AGAIN, The The First Azirah: BIRTH. The Horseshoe of Life, Montserrat, Spain This focal point is where all the energies of birth or creation in the planet are focused. It is like the umbilical cord of the planet. At this stage our civilization is leaning towards self destruction and therefore the meditation conducted at this focal point allows us to achieve harmony with the forces of creation – water being one of the key elements.

The Second Azirah: UNITY. Grand Savannah, Venezuela 2008/9

All the life energies of the planet are focused in thirteen circles of unity that reside beneath the earth at this Azirah. According to the Alacanzerans, there have been twelve civilizations that have inhabited the earth since theirs. Each of the twelve circles corresponds to one such civilization. The thirteenth civilization is the next one to come after 2012.

Life energy is pure unity that brings together essence and form. Meditations at this Azirah integrate the self with nature and the environment, drawing upon the levels of the seen and the unseen. The second Azirah is a place of pure unity combining all that is material (seen) with the spiritual (unseen). People who participate in meditation at this site will help restore unity in humanity and the planet, whilst experiencing pure focus and oneness from within.

The Third Azirah: MEMORY. The Great Rift Valley, Kenya

Here lies the knowledge of all that has manifested on the earth since it’s beginning. The knowledge of the oceans, through to the world of the dolphins, also vests its knowledge here. This focal point is connected to every corner of the planet, through the flow of streams of information that complete their journey in its core. The meditation conducted here on June 10, 2007 helped restore the equilibrium of knowledge that exists within the planet and renew the bond between humanity and the aquatic world of the dolphins. The power of positive thought infused at this meditation has helped further global unity and peace amongst humanity.

The Fourth Azirah: LIFE ELEMENTS

The Earth has been endowed with four elements that make up physical matter: water, earth, wind and fire, which also carry intelligence and knowledge at a non-physical level. These elements must work in unity to make all the physical living and nonliving forms complete.

A meditation at this location, which is planned for 2008, shall bring the four elements into complete equilibrium, restoring all the nutritive life forces of the planet. People who meditate here shall leave with great strength at a physical level, for in them shall be reinforced all the elements of their physical being.

The Fifth Azirah: ANCHOR OF THE SUN. Aitutaki, Cook Islands 2008/9

The sun provides the nutritive energies to all the life forms existing on the earth. This focal point forms the anchor which holds together all the nutritive energies of the sun as they manifest on earth. The damage of the ozone layer has caused the unbalance of the tidal patterns that affect the equilibrium of the ocean, the earth’s gravitational field and the linkage between the earth and the moon.

Meditations performed here shall restore harmony between the earth and its parent, the sun. Those who come to this place to meditate shall gain strength and nutritive energies that shall be of benefit to everyone they encounter.

The Sixth Azirah: MEETING OF THE SEVEN WORLDS. Grand Canyon, USA 2009/10

All souls and life energies reside within the seven worlds, some which can be seen and others not. These seven worlds can be understood as distinct levels of existence in the spiritual journey that contribute to the growth of knowledge resulting in a higher thought at the level of the intellect.

Meditation at this point shall help eliminate the spiritual displacement at the point of intersection of the seven worlds. It shall restore pure equilibrium leading towards the completion of the restoration of harmony in the planet. Those who meditate at this point shall experience important dimensions of the seven worlds that shall enrich their spiritual journey immensely.

The Seventh Azirah: LINK TO THE UNIVERSE . The Himalayan Mountains, Nepal 2010/11

This is the location where the earth connects directly with the universe. All evolutionary messages from the earth are transmitted to the universe from here. It is also the place where the evolutionary responses of the universe are received by the earth, pertaining to all the changes that need to occur in the planet in order to adapt it for sustainable life in the universe. At present, the evolutionary message from the universe to the earth is one of destruction of the civilization that is threatening the survival of the planet. However, a meditation at this location, after the previous 6 have been completed, will fully restore the equilibrium and harmony between the planet and the universe. This harmony will result in a new evolutionary message propagating a powerful force of unification amongst humanity, leading towards a future of unprecedented progress.

Individuals who meditate at the Seventh Azirah shall open within them the faculties of telepathy and communication with their greater world.

• Unity and Harmony • Clean and fertile Soil • Safe and Non-Toxic Industrial Practices • Prevention of Deforestation • Peace and Stability • Transcending Poverty and Crime • Better Quality of Life for our Children • Access to Healthcare for all • Good and Positive Education for Everyone • Clean Air • Safe and Clean Water Sources • Availability of Clean Water at all Times

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