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October - November 2008

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October - November 2008

Political News

A Great Indian Rope - trick!

by P. Venkataramana

Government of INDIA’s statement of re-committing itself to non-proliferation principles & disarmament and the reassertion of India’s voluntary,unilateral moratorium on Nuclear-Testing is certainly a right step in the direction of a happy acceptance of the New World Order’s most-envied Nation (viz;INDIA) by the Parliaments (read GOVERNMENTS )of (the much-smaller-in-size-yet-more-powerful Countries like) Netherlands,Finland,Norway and Switzerland to agree to the much-opposed ‘Waiver’- concern...

(A diplomatic coup of sorts for even the USA has described this Declaration by India as a -’positive momentum’ for the Deal with India )..!!

True, the contents of the Statement by India are not new as it merely puts on record what India has maintained all through the years (of being courted as well as boycott and trade-blockaded as also threatened by the dominant players in the Nuclear-arena)...As Pranab Da (External Affairs Minister)read out - ..’’Our civil nuclear initiative will strengthen the international non-proliferation regime. India believes that the opening of full civil nuclear co-operation will be good for India and for the World. It will have a profound positive impact on Global Energy Security and international efforts to combat Climate-change.....India will not be the souce of proliferation of sensitive technologies ,including enrichment and reprocessing transfers. We stand for the strengthening of Non-Proliferation Regime. We support efforts to limit the spread of ENR equipment or technologies to States that do not have them. We will work together with the International Community to advance our common objective of Non-proliferation...’’

Friends, how many of us are aware of INDIA possessing a spotless, unblemish, clean non-proliferation track record as well as a solid & very firm legal infrastructure in place for the purpose ?

How many of the ‘protesters’ on the streets carrying flags of a red chisel or the sickle or some such antiquated implement like the bicycle or a lantern on the logo/emblem/flag of the Party driving these crowds onto the roads at peak-hours and rallying ‘against’ the Ruling Government (sic) know the spelling or meaning or difference between ‘ fusion’ and ‘fission’ or between ‘nuclear-energy’ and ‘non-proliferation’ when these very same terms be used by the comity of Nations - be it by Uncle Sam’s spokesperson in U.S.A. or by the very tight-lipped diplomat from U.K. or by the very eager-beaver Officials from India ?

They do not know that the protests so organized are not belittling the party in power in India but have been acting detrimental to the very interests of INDIA as a Nation - both the present Generation as also future generations of this mighty country with the largest population which can boast of being ‘aware’ and ‘free to exercise the reaction to such an awareness’ - being the world’s largest Democracy (China has numbers but its people well remember the outcome of the Tianamann Square incident when 3000 students were ruthlessly gunned down while demonstrating nor would any of the Core-Group Members of the all-powerful Cartel dare to antagonize the ‘non-thinking’ Communist Presidium if it be thus termed on such a sensitive issue).

How many (including Mrs.& Mr.Karat - the vociferous slogan-shouters against the INDO-US NUCLEAR DEAL )are aware that whereas an assortment of non-proliferation hardliners and hi-tech suppliers treat India with suspicion in the matter of Nuclear-trade predicated on tests, it has turned out that the USA and other Western Giants were well aware of Chinese Nuclear Weapons proliferation to Pakistan , including conducting a proxy-test for it as far back as in the year 1980? That in 1982,China’s Premier Deng Xiaoping began the transfer of nuclear weapons technology to Pakistan ;or that the said Chinese Strongman had also authorized proliferation; in time, to other third world countries...!!!!!!’

What Is The

Undoing Of India ?

Why Is India A Much-Feared Nation By The Countries Who Have Active Wars Going On In Various Parts Of The World -Overt As Well As Covertly?

Why Do We Err So Unabashedly?

These are questions better understood by a Learned Mind and a person well-informed about world history, politics surrounding international treaties and deals and by the student of human-behavior. A layman following his local leader as part of a group-protest as an item on the agenda set by others in the hierarchy of such a political-party cannot be expected to think like a political observer, a human sociologist or a seasoned ambassador: so, then is it right for ‘right-thinking’ educated people (en masse) to believe that wild protests or tall-claims by those sitting on the opposition-benches who indulge consciously in stalling of proceedings in Parliament to go by such showmanship-skills(be it permitting your stray MPs to carry bags with wads of tainted-notes into the Parliament during a historic debate or harping on the orchestrated episode as being the feather in its cap whilst forgetting that a 2-MPs party had risen to the corridors of Governance & seats of Power by merely chanting, inciting, shouting - ‘JAI SHRI RAM’ the magical manthra for its Success in ousting out a party with roots and one which has several think-tanks, ticking minds, beating hearts that can be properly put to use in the ultimate cause of ‘THE-GOOD-OF-THE-COUNTRY’)...?

INDIA, my dear Friends, has a very negative trait of ‘showmanship’ (look at the several crores of rupees and as many man-hours and generations of families thriving/failing/living in the Cinema-industry ) - one need not yell from the roof-tops when we make a discovery or innovate a great technology; we must not reveal our science & technology secrets to the public; certain areas of Defence & Strategic Governance ought not to be bandied about to the many private news-channels that have proliferated over the decade ...!!!


How can we speak of ‘progress’ on specialized fronts on the global arena when we have very inherent weaknesses of poor-orientation; erratic media presentation, uneducated leaders and uncaring followers? It takes the cumulative effort of America’s 200-plus Democratic experience and UK’s 300-plus diplomatic skills to lasoo the red-star generals of China or belt the mutiny-loving Pakistan or an obsessed Iranian leader - yes, indeed INTERNATIONAL ONE-UPMANSHIP IS NOT OUR CUPPA TEA ...!!!

A word of caution. Only we, the people can truly bell the cat or expose the absurdity of stage-manged protests in the walk to INDIA’s hour-of-glory in world-affairs: we do not require a Permanent Seat on the UN Security Council - we seek security- economic,social and health-wise- for all Citizens of INDIA.

Energy-crisis is best handled by the well-experienced Government of India: governments may fall or come in coalition or by simple or absolute majority at a certain general-election time-period but the showmanship-business must be halted if the SHOW HAS TO GO ONWARDS and IF we, the people wish INDIA to continue to exist as it is in its present great form -territorial & otherwise on the WORLD-MAP !

Let us spread the Good Word My fellow Citizens: INDIA is a world-beater ...PROVIDED we do not continue to indulge in beating our chests and shouting hoarse about our attainments and having equalled or surpassed the excellence of the Human Minds or Government-machinery located elsewhere in the wide world we live in today ...!!!

Stay focussed on individual growth; let us all realize that every person of this large country is well-fed, well-clothed,well-read : that alone shall help others respect us as A NATION OF THE WORLD. Let us not seek to sneak into the club of the elite and all-powerful nations such as the G-7 Club or be frowned upon as upstarts or let our countrymen be subjected to continued indignity (Mr.George Fernandes cannot forget the fact of him being ‘strip-searched’at the airport on entry, in the USA whilst travelling as the Defence Minister of India nor can Ms.Shilpa Shetty - the actress wipe out the slur cast by her cast-mate Ms.Goody in the Reality-Show in London merely because an ‘apology’ was tendered or that she made a winning from the said television-show ! )...

Ask any of the NRI-Diaspora and those relatives settled overseas and you would shudder to know that even on this date, there are many ‘white-skinned’ natives who would not like to be touched,treated or be near a ‘brown-skinned’Doctor from India ...!!!Friends ,the ‘black’-races have an Obama and the ‘Arab’ races have the fear-factor ‘Osama’ to prevent atrocities against them. WHAT ABOUT INDIANS ? We have GOD ALMIGHTY ALWAYS and so ought to fall back upon the Great Indian Rope-trick to dissuade anti-India lobbyists from further tarnishing our in fact-haloed status in the community of World Business, World Education and in World Affairs

Not to digress from the topic on post, may I draw your kind attention to a truth of the World: China became a thermonuclear power long before the Communist-leaders Mr.Karat and Mrs.Karat got wedded in holy-matrimony or came to ‘lead ‘on the national-arena : China had achieved the leap from the initial A-bomb test to a 3.3 megaton thermonuclear blast in a record-breaking 32-months : it had taken the USA more than Seven-years to accomplish that feat !!!...

An intellectually-talented INDIA can certainly vye for parity with the Western Advanced Nations but if it seeks to consolidate its existence on the world-map, INDIA must not lose sight of its tormentors who are trying to extinguish its deservedly pre-eminent position in the Asian-continent (not merely in the design of nuclear weapons and in understanding underground nuclear testing but also in the art and science of being a SECULAR,SOCIALIST,DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC )...

We are fellow-Indians - not to be misled into thinking that we are either pro-congress or anti-saffron or anti-red: irrespective of the clothes we wear, our mind should be set to salute the TRICOLURED NATIONAL-FLAG ,at all times, especially during these turbulent times we are undergoing ...Jai Hind !!!

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