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October - November 2008

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October - November 2008



Dear Editor

It is quite sometime since I wrote to you. The reason : I was fighting a serious bacterial infection. I was in hospital for about two months and took me 2 more months to get back to my 90 percent original health. I started my practice after 4 months of absence from work. Same reason for not being able to write for my most favourite magazine the India Link International of which the Editor is one whom apart from other things I admire for his integrity patriotism and uprightness. The article sent by you was very informative as 90percent of the information was not known to me. A friend of mine has sent a long e-mail which was sent by terrorists to the media 5 minutes before the Ahmedadbad blast. You too may be having it. In case you donot have it, please let me know, I will send it to you. It is a real eyeopener showing the highest degree of hatred towards Hindus. Every now and then there is mention of Allah but their actions and intent in the text is what Allah would never allow. God is one whether Allah, Ram or Christ and the Lord cannot allow killing of innocents. , dealing in narcotics and smuggling, and so many other heinous crimes they perpetrate in the name of Islam. It is really travesty of gross ignorance of what really Islam is. None of these terrorists must have read the holy Kuran. These "JAHILS" are led by their masters sitting pretty in airconditioned houses and making them committ crimes including suicide attacks with the promise that after death they have reserved a place of highest comfort and leisure in the Heaven.

Let that be. I have many ideas and topic for the column "Thinking Aloud" and will soon start writing. By the way the I,C,C, has come round to some extent to use modern technology to aid umpires which I have been harping for so many years. It gave woderful results in Sri Lanka till one of the neutral umpires was led low after probably eating prawn curry. Then the third umpire was from Ceylon and he used the position to give a few favourable decisions in favour of Sri Lanka and few against India. As everyone can watch the T.V. replay, it was obvious that he was dishonest. It is difficult to be certain about thr dishonesty of field umpires but very easy to see that the T.V. Umpire is delioberately giving decisions in favor of a particular team and against thr other tean. Well I end my long e-mail with extending my regards to you and Vijayji, Sincerely. Dr, Dalvi.

Dear Editor

Only Indians themselves can effect fundamental change. Tragically it also seems in the Indian psyche that people think only of themselves and that impacts in a selfish way – I am all right Jack – bother you. Well in that event we all pay in some form or another in the end.

I however think it is a good thing that India has aligned with the West in this respect; maybe Indian Muslims are guilty of what is happening, but they will have been reached by others who can influence them. In UK Muslims are by and large reviled now sadly because people lump everyone together and make up their minds in a negative way. I for one think that for decades we have allowed appeasement after neglect and suspicion colour British Life.

Firstly there was suspicion, resentment, guilt from colonial times from the British side, then there was again resentment from this side. Muslim families bring their own values which have become abhorrent to many here – forced marriage, honour killings, taking money out illegally from UK, a sense of ghetto mentality, subjugation of women which probably alienates most decent British people; not taking full advantage of free good education which leaves their young people with no control or choices in their lives which leads to resentment and jealousy from the Muslim colonies within UK. Our foolish Government, and even the Scottish Govt rushes to appease until they realize this has got out of control. Moreover, various Asian folk getting into House of Lords etc, now we know how badly the system has been corrupted leaves a bad impression of the people from the Sub Continent on the rest.

Take today’s news that the Prime Minister’s special advisor an Asian who was ennobled behaved in a bad and rude manner over the week end at a Labour Forum, it is the typical arrogance that comes to some Indian women when they think they are on a winning streak….I have seen it in India and I have seen it here. Nothing is new.

Foolish Indian politicians more interested in self aggrandizement fiddle whilst India burns…. But that happened in other civilizations too; the people of India must speak through the ballot box next May – and for heaven sake do away with dynasties!

There are enough huge problems going on in our own UK with an ineffectual arrogant man who was stubborn as hell and forgot everyone on his way up so has virtually no-one on the way down.

Best wishes

Aline Dobbi

Dear Editor,

Although it could be more expensive, it would be nice if the mag becomes a monthly. For a start, it's a long wait for a good mag! And some of the news/reports may become a bit dated.

Hope all is well. --- Anil Mehta

Dear Editor,

In a South African Town, Indian and Pakistani businessmen have been threatened with severe violence if they do not leave the country. There has been xenophobic violece recently, which killed 63 Asians. This is happening around Krauskop, an area 200 miles from Johannesburg. We thought this was Nelson Mandla’s country and the minorities would be safe and happy.


K.N. Dewan, Finchley London

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