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October - November 2008

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October - November 2008



by P. Venkataramana

A secret recipe:

...’AUM..Achyutanantha Govinda...

Naamoccharana Bheshajat...

Nashyanthi Sakalaha Rogaha...


Translated in English , it reads -

...’ This is the Truth,this is the TRUTH.

I Declare again that it is the Truth - that the Sacred Name of GOD cures all diseases and Blesses you with Peace.’

- thus spoke Dhanvanthri ,the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of a Physician (who descended from the Heavens to heal Humanity).

GOD and HIS SACRED NAME are inseparable for ‘WORD’ is ‘GOD’ .’Word’ or the ‘Holy Name’are interchangeable ,inseparable,synonymous because ‘Word’ is ‘GOD’...’Word’or the ‘Sacred Name’ bears the ‘power’ of GOD or the ‘Holy Spirit’ /’Sacred Name’ of GOD : HENCE AND THEREFORE,there is no sickness,illness or ailment - ‘physical’ or ‘mental’ - which cannot be CURED by the utterance of the Sacred Name(s)of GOD ALMIGHTY.. . Andall ‘Religions’ of the World that exist(ed)agree with this Truth of Life on Planet Earth.

The testimony provided of many a Master , each and every Prophet ,all Saints establishes this irrefutable TRUTH of Human Existence since times immemorial ...that the Sacred Name of GOD can indeed ward off , drive away ,decimate all Evil from within one’s bodily-parts, thought-processes as well as eradicate external perils too...!!!

In INDIA , we know it by the wide,broad,all-important word called a ‘MANTHRA’ (even the Tibetan Monks who practice Buddhism and austere periods of long-silences would become so voluble ,chirpy and ecstactic when I put this query to them (by way of reaffirmation of my self-discovery in my sojourn in SEARCH OF GOD throughout practice as a top-notch law-practitioner and student of Humanism )...Such is the intensity,passion,sincerity of every human-being ‘Touched’ by GOD

Healing by use of the ‘Manthra-power’has been practiced since time immemorial by all Hindu Sages ,Vedic Exponents,Indian Saints ...The ‘Sacred Name ,’Manthra’ or the ‘Word of God’ contains the Healing vibrations in not only curing the physical /mental-diseases but also in ‘casting out ‘ the Devil or ‘burning all past and present karmas’that are actually the causative-factors of many an ‘incurable’ disease.

Qualification(the only qualification)which is required in this Spiritual Healing Process through utterance of Manthras or by ‘Prayers’ is that the patient (‘the Beneficiary’)ought to have absolute,total,complete ‘Faith’and the ‘Healer’ should possess an unflinching Devotion to GOD and ‘the Sacred Name ‘.

So what does the BIBLE say ? What does the QURAN-SHAREEF say ? What does HINDUISM say ?What about contemporary and much ‘newer’ religions - what is their ‘take’ on this wonderful HEALTH-CARE ?. . . O n this and related issues (including perhaps a few secrets of ‘ the Recipe’,I will dwell in another Session,Friends ...Let us LIVE AND LET LIVE ...All things considered,we are all the same Race,the same Species, the same Mankind . . . why embitter a Blessing called LIFETIME ?

Who Am I ? - Ought to be our persistent inquiry to Oneself ...the SECRET RECIPE will be understood,well appreciated only by one who hums to the ..’touch me...touch me...touch me..’ tune in a ‘purer’ frame of mind...( Touch Me, touch me...goes the refrain)…!!!( ... THIS IS THE TRUTH ...THIS IS THE TRUTH...I KNOW IT.).

aasheervaad-healing is real :

Can any true Believer of CHRISTIANITY deny the following episode as untrue my Friends?

When Lord Jesus Christ was administering HEALING in the Name of the Heavenly Father, a certain soldier(known as a centurion those days) who begged of the LORD to heal his ailing servant at home.When Jesus decided to go to his home to heal his servant,the Roman soldier said-..’My Lord,I am unworthy to receive You at my home but being a military soldier, I remember giving orders to my servants...’go there...’ or,..’come here..’ ,and they used to obey my orders without my having to go or come, So, I firmly believe that if YOU just command from here then my servant shall be healed right away, he shall be healed...’

Lord Jesus Christ was very happy to hear this humblest remark of a ‘devotee’ and a ‘disciple’- the Soldier and praised his Devotion,Belief,Faith in the presence of all his Apostles...!!!

Raising his hands,he said, “As per your Faith,I command in the Name of the Holy Father in Heaven that your servant be healed...”, and as per His Word,the servant of th e centurion-believer was completely healed instantaneously...!!!

This is known in INDIA as ‘aasheervaad-healing’ ( or Healing through a Blessing from a distance or ‘distant-healing’)...!!!

Who Am I ? - S o shall each and every true BELIEVER OF CHRISTIANITY ask thyself and thou shall beget the precise answer ,oh Child of God !!!


darshana-healing please:

Lord Rama is the Avataar (Incarnation)who always manifested Uprightness,Kindness,Word of Honour among the Ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu (the Creator of Universe)as believed by all true followers of HINDUISM, one of the most Ancient yet Living Religions of the world we all live in ...!!!

So, during the fierce battle between the troops of Lord Rama and those of the demon,Ravanasura,several thousand Monkey-chieftains would come to Lord Rama seething in pain and with bloody wounds:And by a mere glance - a Merciful Look of the Divine Rama,immediate Healing of the wounds occured, to all of them ...!!!A soothing Grace used to emerge from His Compassionate eyes bringing instantaneous Healing .Such a healing is known as the ‘Darshana-Healing’ method.

(Little is known of the fact that whilst building the bridge- ‘Srirama Sethu’across the Bay of Bengal, a thousand monkeys would often get enamored by the divinity exuberated by the Lord Sri Rama leaving aside their set tasks :Lord blessed them that He shall be playing with them in the next Avataar and these are the Gopikas of the next Incarnation of Lord Sri Krishna .How many HINDUS are aware of this historical truth ?...).

... One Look Please ...!!! Jai Sriram ! ! Sarve janaha sukhino Bhavanthu (let all Mankind be at Peace)...!!!!!!!!!!!

Continued in the next issue

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