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December 2008 - January 2009

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December 2008 - January 2009

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A withering flower and an abandoned bull..!!

by P. Venkataramana

A drunk man points towards the sky and asks another drunk:-is it the sun or the moon?

...’the other replies:- I can’t say what it is,because I’m also new to the town..’

Soon as I stepped on the soil of my motherland,the koel-bird koo-koos and the parrots squeak in chorus while the rising sun glows bright and makes the frost-laden leaves of the green shrubs and bushes glisten and gleam like brilliant stones of shine and value ;the fragrance of the flowers permeates through the bushes ,the shrubs and the tall trees standing in sublime testimony of the supremacy of Mother Nature - in all it’s pristine Glory and Grandeur...

I bend towards a low branch and pluck a bright yellow flower with its little stem and take a whiff - aah,a fresh flower,I love its hues and it’s scent..I wrap it in a my large fresh handkerchief and resolve to place it in the vase in the study-room...!!!

I move a little ahead ..and here is a violet coloured one which stretched towards the sun,alone,unnoticed,ohh...such a tragic and pitiable sight -for,she will not give up :nay,not this flower...let her be...!!!

I then look up towards the blue clear sky which has the golden rays brightening up like a strobe-lights’ display of human-wizardry and I say aloud-..’oh My God!you showed me the most beautiful,loveliest flower of all today and yet I have plucked it unthinkingly beautiful and so much in need of a little love ,everyday..yet,I didn’t let it flower on...Am I in need or is it the flower?...’!!!

I still remember you ,my morning flower -you who arose from the ground...I remember you each day as I move around...!!!

I yet must pick the last fading flower before it comes softly falling down ...I must pick the last fading flower ,before the next morning dew...!!!

I still yearn for the Jasmine -flower -so fragrant ..... invisible yet inherent... diffusing its scents without me asking it for it...!!!

A series of events in United States, including Bank of America agreeing to buy Merrill Lynch for $44 billion and Lehman Brothers’ move to file a bankruptcy protection, has shaken up the global financial markets.

Lehman Brothers’ move to file for bankruptcy wiped off more than Rs 2,000 crore from the market valuation of those Indian companies in which the US financial major has made equity investments.Lehman itself recorded a loss of more than Rs 50 crore (Rs 500 million) yesterday alone on its investments in India, which is nearly 10 per cent of its current holding worth an estimated over Rs 500 crore (Rs 5 billion).

(’Lehman, a 158-year-old firm that started as an Alabama cotton brokerage, and Merrill, with its trademark bull logo, have been pillars of the Wall Street for much of the past century’).

With the demise of Bear Stearns, three of the Street’s five major independent brokers could end up disappearing, leaving only Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Morgan Stanley...The giants of financial markets have been shaken up by losses of hundreds of billions of dollars in bad mortgages in the housing markets.

The convulsions could lead to even tighter credit, higher borrowing costs and moribund capital markets, as securities firms and commercial banks try to further limit risk and preserve capital.Those moves could cause the US economy to slow further. . .


...I stepped out as the moon rose high up in the sky ,to lock the gates of my house for the night and catch up on my sleep-time when I noticed you - oh you Withering-flower, so melancholic on my door-step...but pray,tell me all your woes as the dew on your petals are not troubled that the sun has not been shining not dismayed by the night forever staying!

The saga of the withering flower and that of an abandoned bull repeats as does the History of Man’s tendency to bow before avarice and greed - NO CONTENTMENT EVER...!!!

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