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December 2008 - January 2009

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December 2008 - January 2009




As Retired soldiers from the British and Indian Armies, now living in the U.K., we are pleased to see that at last the British sense of fair play has prevailed, by permitting members of the British Ghurkhas to settle down in the U.K. as the other ex- British Army personnel from various other countries are already allowed.

Ghurkhas are recruited from the mountain villages of Nepal, where every year, 150 vacancies are filled by the various Ranks of the British Ghurkha Brigade. Since 1815, Ghurkhas were posted in East Indian establishment and have earned more than twelve Victoria Cross awards in the two World Wars, thereby showing their bravery and loyalty to the Empire, yet the British Establishment have failed to give any importance to care for their fallen soldiers or their families in the past.

As a Doctor, (Retired Capt) of the British and Indian Army Medical Corps, and an ex- RMO of the Ghurkha Battalion in India, we are glad to see that the Ghurkhas will finally be honoured by the British Government, in a move that is better late than never.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. (Capt.) S.K.Das, AMC Indian Army (Ret’d)

And Dr. (Capt) M.S. Kataria, IAMC (Ret’d).

62 Rose Hill, Sutton, Surrey. SM13EX

Dear Editor

Received the Oct-Nov issue. I have always read your editorial the first thing whenever I receive the magazine.That is because You write so well with such force and accuracy and details that I get enthralled.

This Editorial is no exception. It is the anguish of a true patriot and a true Hindu at the going ons in our country. I wish this editorial could be borrowed and published by all news papers and magazines in India. At least the English speaking readers may wake up to the situation. I wish there were a few more patriots and Hindus of your caliber and our country would have been lucky. I wonder what is the solution to this conundrum !

Sincerely, Dr. C.P. Dalvi.

Mumbai -India

The Editor,



The continuous onslaught on the Hindus in India in numerous ways including conversion to different faiths, bomb blasts, demographic change of the states surrounding Bangladesh by its national and also, the Hindu cleansing from the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir resulting of over 300,0000 innocent Hindus becoming refuges in their own homeland.

The most recent defaming the Hindu religious leaders, killing of a Swami Laxmanand along with his four disciples and continuous anti-Hindu media while the so-called secular government of India is too busy in appeasing its non-Hindu vote-bank.

Hindus must demand:

- The implementation of the Uniform Civil Code as enshrined in the Indian Constitution whereby, all her citizens to be treated equally with respect and dignity;

- Temple (Mandir) Act, similar the Muslim Wakaf Board and Sikh Gurudawara Act to ensure that all donations received by the Hindu Institution would be utilised for the benefit of their community and not be stolen by the Indian authorities to promote anti-Hindu agenda;

- Hindu Organisations and Institutions, as well as other religious and Cultural bodies to enlighten their audience with political awareness thus creating and promoting Hindu solidarity based on the Hindu ethos of “ SARV - DHARM SAMBHAV” meaning, respect all faiths.

Lastly, the world has to be made aware that India would only remain world’s largest democracy as long it is a predominately Hindu.

Rajinder Chopra,


From: Kanwal Dewan

Dear Sir,

Here is a true story of a village in India that will cheer up your readers:

The village Mohad in Narsinghpur District of Madhya Pradesh has

1 98% literacy

2. There are 53 types of small cottage industries in this village of 450 families and a population of 2500.

3. Every inch of agriculture land is irrigated.

4 Most of the farmers do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

5 Every family uses bio-gas plant for cooking. There are 154 bio-gas plants shared by all village household.Wood is not used

6. Trees and forests in and around the village are protected and respected as members of a family.

7. Every house has a flower garden, however small it may be.

8. Every building has ‘Om’ or any other religious symbol on the walls.

9. The village is free from theft, violence and addictions of any kind of drugs and smoking.

10. From this village there have been no disputes pending in any court or police station

11. Eery house has a toilet.

12. There are 3 doctors, 30 teachers and five army officers from the village.

13. A hand water pump is installed at eery 100 meters

14. There are 4 schools in the village ad every child goes to school. The school day begins with Saraswati Vandana and Vande matram.

As you enter the village a Hanuman temple stands tall to bless ou and the young children greet you with ‘Jai Shri k~rishna’.

Is there any way we can help to replicate the virtues of this village to 250 thousands villages scattered all over India?

Yours truly

Kanwal Dewal

Finchley, London

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