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December 2008 - January 2009

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December 2008 - January 2009


80th Anniversary of The Punjabi Society of The British Isles

by TS Sahni

Diwali celebrated with great jubilations and enthusiasm at Wembley Plaza Hotel. The great historic event of the 80th anniversary of the Punjabi Society of The British Isles was celebrated with great joy and jubilations at Wembley Plaza Hotel on the evening October 31, 2008.

The beautifully adorned hall presenting a panoramic view was packed to capacity with Professionals, successful businessmen, representatives of various organisations and people from all walks of life.

The event was graced by Mr. Madhava Chandra (Minister Political) High Commission of India, Rt. Honourable Virendra Sharma MP, Mr. Row Advisor Air India and Mr. Kulveer Singh Director Mayor of London Transport Policy.

Extending a warm welcome to the chief guest, the guests of honour and the distinguished audience on his behalf and on behalf of all the members of the Executive Committee the President Mr.Trilochan Singh Sahni said that the presence of such a large distinguished audience projected cherished love and respect of this oldest institution. An institution built on strong foundations with a great vision, wisdom and foresight of our ancestors in very difficult circumstances to keep our rich culture and heritage alive. On this commemoration day he added we all need to rededicate ourselves not only to strengthen the society but also to carry forward the torch of laudable ideals handed over to us.

The outstanding and dedicated contribution made by our members has attracted personal appreciations of Her Majesty the Queen and many of our members have been bestowed with distinguished honours by her which is matter of great pride for all of us.

The spirit of Dewali is ever green in the hearts and minds of the Punjabi’s. The good virtues of Love, compassion, care and consideration is part of their benevolent nature. This Society he said has a wonderful track record of charitable work and its notable contributions towards good causes. Punjabi’s he said believed in lighting a lamp rather than cursing the darkness.

This historic event was dedicated to raise once again badly needed funds for Great Ormond Street Children’s hospital demonstrating our love and good will towards children.

The president thanked UBS Bank team who sponsored this historic event and Virgin air line and Mark One travels Hounslow who donated two tickets for raffle to raise the necessary funds for the Charity and he highly praised for their generosity towards worthy causes.

In recognition of dedicated and distinguished services the society always bestows honours on members of the community. In this event the honours were bestowed on Mr. G.S.Bhalla who has worked very hard for the society for past two decades and contributed a great lot in all the charitable ventures undertaken by the society. Both Mr. G.S.Bhalla and Dr Rami Ranger were awarded the honours of pride of India for their outstanding service to the community and excellence and distinction in their chosen fields. Mr. Subhash Chander was honoured for dedicated community service. Mr. Krishan Reliliegh was honoured for dedicated and devoted community service and excellence in journalism. Mr. Kulveer Singh was presented with an excellence Award.

Special mention was made for Mr. G.S.Bhalla, S. Hanwantbir Singh Chadha, S. Jagmail Singh Gill special Advisors, S. Avtar Singh Bajaj Treasurer, Mr. Subhash Chander General Secretary and Vice presidents Mr. Rami Ranger and Jasbir singh Anand, Patron Suman Bhargave and Mr. Parag Bhargava for hard work day and night hard work to make this function a great success. Mr. T. S. Sahni highly commended the hard work put in by all the Executive members and praised them for lending their financial, moral and physical support. He wished every one a Very Happy Dewali and Prosperous New Year and extended heartiest greetings on 80th Anniversary.

Mr. Madhava Chandra congratulated the society for their excellent contribution in the service of humanity and conveyed the best Wishes and the Greetings of His Excellency Mr.Shiv Shankar Mukherjee High Commissioner of India who could not attend the function because of his other engagement.

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