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April - May 2004

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April - May 2004


British Asian Conservative Link Supports Steve Norris for Mayor of London

by Rami Ranger

The British Asian Conservative Link held a fund-raising dinner in support of Mr Steven Norris, Conservative Mayoral Candidate for London at the Hotel Rembrandt, Knightsbridge. Over 180 top dignitaries attended the function including Mr Dominic Grieve MP, the Shadow Attorney General, Right Hon. Peter Emery, Mr G.S. Gujral CBE, Dr Prem Sharma, Mr C.B. Patel, Mr Ramniklal Solanki OBE, Mr J.S. Sachar, Editor of the Asian Who's Who, and many others.

The President, Mr Suri, stressed the need for making London a business friendly city and said that the Congestion Charge was killing small businesses. General Secretary, Mr Rami Ranger, asked Asians to become more public spirited and take part in decision making in this country by joining political parties. Mr Steven Norris pledged that he would abolish the Congestion Charge the day he is elected. DR Prem Sharma appealed to all the Asians to vote on the 10th of June 2004, as without votes the desired result could not be achieved. The speeches were followed by a sumptuous meal.

Some Of The Distinguished Guests
Some Of The Members Of BACL
We have gathered here tonight to support our friend Steve, not only because he is our friend but also because London deserves a good Mayor to compliment its unique position in the world. I am sure you will agree with me that the present Mayor lacks class and substance to do justice to our world- class city.

The role of the Mayor is to help London run smoothly from trains to buses, from policing the city to keeping it clean and tidy. Above all, the Mayor should be able to attract investments with business friendly policies. Who in their right minds would dare invest in London knowing full well Ken's background, his philosophy and outdated political views? We all know he is too busy playing politics rather than looking after the interests of Londoners. A controversial leader is always bad for everyone concerned and cannot serve the people effectively.

Paul Riat, Social Sec
Steve Norris
Rami Ranger, General Sec.

London is a good city with good people and deserves a good Mayor. Nobody fits the bill better than Steve. Steve, with his background as a successful transport minister and other governmental experiences coupled with his business acumen will put London at the forefront as the world's capital once again. Steve's policies will transform the antiquated transport system, be tough on criminals with extra policing, and deal with the litter-louts to give us all a cleaner, safer and smoother London.

Ladies and Gentlemen: I urge you for the sake of us all to support Steve wholeheartedly and ensure London's future. We need to caste our votes, as voter's apathy on our part was responsible for bringing in the present Mayor. You will also agree that elections cost money, time and effort. If we are to ensure Steve's victory, we must do these three things. Tonight's dinner is to show our solidarity. I urge you to support Steve with your efforts, money and votes.

G.S. Gujral (CBE), Rami Ranger &
Dr. G Chandhok
Rami Ranger, GS Sachar, Steve Norris
GS Gujral & SS Suri

A word of warning for our Party Leaders- we did something wrong and that's why we are in this position, we ignored the ethnic vote. One ethnic vote to the other Party is a loss of two votes to the Tories.

I would like to see people like Mr Suri, Mr Gujral and DR Sharma honoured by the party in order to send a clear signal to the Asian community at large that they are better off staying as Tories because the party cares for all those who care for it. Justice should always be seen to be done. I know for sure when Steve becomes our mayor, he will ensure that his office represents the diversity of London. I am also pleased to tell you that the Party is changing and we have amongst us Mr Dominic Grieves MP, Shadow Attorney General and who is also responsible for community cohesion so that our Party reaches every Briton regardless of caste, colour or creed.

We, the Asians must also show that we are not here for just the good times and must take part in public life and not just socialise and make money. How long can we expect others to safeguard our interests, and that of our children? We hear people say that they want a better Britain for their children. What are they doing about it? I urge you all to play a part in public life and service and help build a better Britain for us all. As the saying goes, if you want to see heaven you must die yourself. After all, no one is going to come back and tell you how beautiful it is.

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