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February - March 2009

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February - March 2009

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Tenacity of Faith

by P. Venkataramana

I was taken aback when I received a message on the mobile-phone which said: - ‘ congratulations for your [fire] works.

In a fraction, it dawned upon me that although MY HEART BEATS FOR INDIA and had not an iota of malice of any kind, it is not really essential for all the other Fellow-INDIANS too feel the same way.

After all, every other Citizen knows the shortcomings and faults of running the Government, these days - thanks to the bombarding, brain-storming and ever- informative soap-operas on television-channels.

I at once resolved to make it a fixture to set the record straight on the burning-Issue of ‘Whither Our Nation’;’ Where We Stand’ and ‘What must we do now?’

To begin the introspection, My Dear Friends, I wonder how many of us Indians have really slept in Peace since 26/11 in particular - when the villains of democracy waged a frontal-attack instead of their erstwhile even more cowardly acts of surreptitiously planting bombs in tiffin-carriers, dust-bins, cycles, scooters, buses, trains and public-places frequented by common masses: of course, a life lost is the same when it ends irrespective of it belonging to a cobbler on the street or a tycoon in the ball-room of a luxury-hotel...or whether it be of a person whose nationality was Indian or American, British, Israeli or Australian or African or Chinese.

A singularly remarkable feature of the post-tragedy debates has been the

unanimous efforts of all and sundry to speak up in defense of INDIAN

NATION and the ways and means of restoration of lost sense of Dignity, Safety and Security of Life as an Indian in INDIA. Innumerable theories have been floated and as many axioms to these theories have been voiced by almost a half-a-billion thinking minds. [the others are either unheard or deaf to such happenings]

I shall now proceed ,without much ado, to highlight the salient features ff the very vociferous heat and sparks generated in course of a Week of incessant Anger, Ire, Angst, Hurt, Pain, Anguish, Agony, irreparable loss of stature and confidence-levels for most Individuals :-


To wage War (as entitled to under International Law for the affront to our dignity of enjoying our sovereignty by the attackers) against Pakistan. For by application of the relevant Doctrine of War,the perpetrators of the Attack on Mumbai hailed from that land: this should afford us ample opportunity to retreive our lost lands which were occupied by them illegally and retained since the 1972-war- even a child would lunge back at a chain-snatcher who pulls at the necklace of his mother,isn’t it ,folks?

Mr.Obama declared India was entitled to launch attacks on those who attacked its territorial sanctity and peace whereas Mr.Bush hurriedly sent his Secretary of State to New Delhi where she made sympathetic noises ostensibly [on hindsight] to assuage the very angry mood of the INDIAN NATION and from here she flew on to Islamabad and retracted her words of the night before - saying war is not a solution to the concerns of India... and so we all know friends as to what would be USA’s stance if we exercised the option of a WAR, at this juncture of America’s Greatest Depression Period!


To continue to rumble and rave and rant and fume and curse and scold and chide and oppose the Government in power [even as the Opposition of the day is supporting the Government-in-power, for obvious considerations-both selfish as well as selfless, of course]-an utterly wasteful exercise of Nation’s productive time and collective energies which can otherwise be continuously put to socially useful productive works.

Only the doomsday-pundits and sooth- sayers or the Iraani-cafe chaiwaalah’s and raddi-kaagazwaalaahs seem to be thriving upon the overall sense of confusion all around us!!

Self-conceited or scared set of leaders would not halt the juggernaut of Good patriotic, loyal citizens. Our second option is to exhibit restraint on our rights and freedoms bestowed by the constitution.


   It is to move on ahead regardless of the provocative denials and repeated assurances of collaboration in bringing to book the culprits while eyeing Kashmir and the huge numbers of Muslim-population in India who are not bigoted nor frenetically fanatic.

They know that India is the only country of the World (not Indonesia, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan) where they are entitled to fullest and complete ,wholesome freedom and human rights.

It is important to face the calamities befalling our Young and Vibrant INDIA - be it a tsunami, a cyclone,an earthquake or an attack by mean infidels of the Human-Race. We ought to stay focussed upon our ultimate goal, our destiny as a citizen and the destiny of our country as one of the most civilised nation.

   It is as much the duty of every citizen to ensure that no further guillible,illiterate or rebellious, youth are lured by the petro-dollar, dollar or rials offered by enemy agents on any pretext to undermine the unity of the country. This is the right option for us.

This is the best way forward from this melancholic situation of being forced to lie low in fear of deadly attacks by ever-vicious and venomous bullets-spitting terrorists!!

[Author is an International Corporate Lawyer/Columnist/Speaker/Writer based in INDIA].

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