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April - May 2004

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April - May 2004


Ekta's Unique Contribution To Worthy Causes

Laguna Banqueting Hall in North West London was the venue for Holi celebrations and fund-raising event organised by EKTA, (Unity)a very unusual organisation in its structure but highly refreshing in its approach. Ekta was formed in 2001, when a few affluent Indian women (all hailing from Punjab) met for a coffee morning and decided to do something concrete, useful to society and spiritually uplifting for themselves

Devina Singh & Pooja Sachar Welcomed The Guests By
Applying A Tilak And Tying Sacred String (Nada Chaddi) On Their Wrists
The fourth Thursday of the month in the calendar is the time when the 21 members of Ekta meet at lunchtime, collect money from each other and their friends, and decide to donate to various good causes. These ladies of leisure, materially well-endowed, are utilizing their time and money in something substantial. They arrange talks on good health, nutrition and physical fitness. What a difference with those 'kitty parties' all over the sub-continent and among Indian families in England where trifling talks are traded, and bitching over each other's successes and failures is the sole topic.
The Members of Ekta (From Left To Right)
Suman Walia, Tara Walia, Harminder Walia, Rani Khurana, Sonia Bhansal, Nilu Singh,
Lily Arora, Bubbly Nayar, Rani Bhatia, Sonia Walia, Anita Bhalla, Ameeta Sabharwal

(Sitting Left To Right)
Rupa Sokhi, Sunita Sachar, Bubble Dassan, Shashi Sood

Well, the United 21 EKTA. has shown the trailblazing path. This altruistic approach to the otherwise busy routine of looking after the husband and children, has definitely given a new sense of achievement and confidence. At their first Social and Fundraising event on 5 March at Laguna Banqueting Hall, the organisation was superb. The young ladies, in their designer clothes, were moving around fervently, supervising every detail.

As the guests entered, the red 'tikka' and 'sacred thread' on the wrist, from the two young ladies at the entrance made them at once feel comfortable and a part of the celebrations. The dinner menu was superb; and the entertainment by young amateur dancers was enchanting. After usual speeches of introductions (kept short, thankfully) the evening provided pleasant relaxation. The most important outcome of the evening was a collection of £2078 which was donated to Meadow House Hospice. A noble and extremely worth cause

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