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February - March 2009

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February - March 2009



Laguna Banqueting Hall in Park Royal London was the venue of a get together of families and friends when Ujjwal of The Skylord Travel and Mala pledged themselves to each other in the midst of a couple of hundreds guests. They had been going along as friends for some time now. Ujjwal finally took the plunge and with knees on the floor asked Mala to accept his ring. Mala was elated. So was her family. This milan of ‘Punjabi boy’ and ‘Gujarati girl’ was hailed by friends and the relations from both sides. Kartick and Rajan Sehgal, the parents of Ujjwal sang the latest Bollywood hits to enliven the evening. The parents of Mala also joined them. An exhilarating evening!

Extension of Sehgal family - from five to six

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