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February - March 2009

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February - March 2009


Have a Healthy Homeopathic Pregnancy

by Kiran Grover

Pregnancy is an incredible time, full of growth and change, potential and excitement. Often it’s an opportunity to re-evaluate your understanding of yourself and your body.

Is Homeopathy safe in Pregnancy?

Yes, medically, there are many restrictions on the use of prescription drugs and other chemicals during pregnancy. Many women take this opportunity to turn to complementary medicines such as Homeopathy.
Homeopathy can help alleviate common pregnancy issues such as nausea, swelling, aches and fatigue. It’s a holistic health care that offers safe and gentle remedies to treat discomfort and strengthen the body’s natural balance. It’s also an excellent way to treat baby and childhood complaints ranging from colic, sleeping problems and rashes to allergies, behaviour issues and many others.
Homeopathy can also help a woman in childbirth. In my birthing experience two years ago with the support of Homeopathy I was able to have a completely natural and gentle birth. I had a healthy baby girl, and was left with a wonderful memory of a truly powerful event. As a mother, Homeopathy is my first choice for health care.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a complete form of complementary medicine that treats mental, emotional, and physical complaints. It stimulates the body’s own healing power by identifying and addressing the cause rather than suppressing the symptoms. Homoeopathic treatment is designed around the individual, specific to their condition and character; a unique prescription. It values the individual above all, taking in to account personal lifestyle and specific symptoms, rebalancing mental, emotional and physical well being.

What are Homeopathic remedies?

Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted quantities of substances derived from a variety of plants, minerals and other materials to stimulate the body’s own healing. They may be used for both prevention and treatment of disease and are specifically designed to suit the individual and their needs.

Homeopathic tips for Pregnancy

Back Pain

Arnica is a well known Homeopathic remedy and is used for soreness and tenderness caused by injury or over-exertion. A few doses of Arnica can really help alleviate the pain. If the nerves have been damaged or there are sharp shooting pains then Hypericum is a useful remedy to try. When suffering pain and stiffness in the small of the back, alleviated by lying on something hard, then Rhus Tox can be helpful.


Apis is a very useful remedy for cystitis especially with water retention and scalding pain upon urination. Cantharis can also be used for cystitis with a burning pain when urinating. Staphysagria is the indicated Homeopathic remedy if there is difficulty passing urine, though the burning pain is relieved by passing the urine.


Anxiety with indigestion can be helped by Ars Alb. There is often a great thirst as well. A sluggish and bloated feeling with trapped wind can be helped by Carbo Veg. If there is indigestion with heartburn then try Nux Vom, particularly if it’s caused by over indulgence!


Apis can help with a red, hot and stinging patch of skin accompanied with burning pains. If the rash looks like a nettle rash and may be of an allergic origin then try Urtica Urens.

Nausea and Vomiting

When nausea or vomiting is caused by food poisoning or anxiety, with burning or cramping stomach pains and a great thirst for water then use Ars Alb. If there is constant and violent nausea which is not relieved by vomiting, with no desire to drink water then take Ipecac. If there is frequent retching but unsuccessful vomiting, this could have been from over indulgence so take Nux Vom!
Homeopathy is non invasive, non-addictive and simple to use. It can be used with other types of medicines and it’s safe to use in pregnancy and with babies and children. It is gentle and effective and does not cause any side effects.

Special Pregnancy Programme

The Healthy Homeopathy Clinic in Northwood Consulting Rooms is pleased to announce that we run a Special Pregnancy Programme for just £50 per month we offer Free use of the walk-in clinic for minor ailments (normally £15)
Monthly appointments with all Homeopathic remedies included (normally £55)
A programme of tissue salts recommended for each stage of pregnancy
A labour talk with your birth partner, where you will learn how you can
both use Homeopathy to help before, during and after childbirth
After birth, Mother and Baby consultation at a discounted price of £55
(normally £70), see our website for more information.

Kiran Grover BA, MA, LCHE, RSHom practices in Northwood Consulting Rooms. She is a qualified, registered Homeopathic Practitioner, a Graduate of the Centre for Homeopathic Education, London and a professional member of the Society of Homeopaths. For more information on Homeopathy you may contact her during office hours on 07983 788762 or by e-mail,

Pregnancy is an incredible time, full of growth and change, potential and excitement. Often it’s an opportunity to re-evaluate your understanding of yourself and your body.

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