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April - May 2009

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April - May 2009



From Dr S.K. Das


Dear Sir,

Mr. David Miliband’s remarks in the London Guardian linking the actions of the Lashker-e- Toeba (LeT) in Mumbai with India’s dispute with Pakistan about Kashmir is naïve. The Pakistani State and their Military Intelligence organisations such as the ISI openly support terrorism from within their borders in order to destabilise India, and this would be the case with or without the existence of the problems in Jammu & Kashmir.

I am sorry to say that Mr. Miliband is a 43 year old British Politician, whose basic knowledge about Pakistan’s origin and the J & K problem is clearly poor, as he fails to point out that to start with, many of these problems were purposely caused during the time of India’s Independence and the division of the Subcontinent by the British Colonial Government in 1947. The outgoing British Government engineered many of these problems so that India could not stand on her own two feet for the next hundred years, but India will not be harmed the way Lord Mountbatten and the British Establishment planned!


(Dr)S.K. Das

From Mr M.M. Khanna

Chandigarh India

Dear Sir

India Link Magazine of UK had brought out few Indian News every week, but it had really depicted very Current and prominent news for its readers to know Indian environment from all angles.

Praise-Worthy words recited by the Indian Industrialists, Mr. Rattan Tata , Anil Ambani and Suinil Bharti Mittal in respect of performance of Indian State Gujrat, Chief Minister, Sh Narrinder Modi for his time to time desirable actions in Governance & future vision, had given support to his party BJP with in Gujrat and outside Gujrat.

India, being a land of dynamic and energetic youth, will definitely recoup the present deficiencies in GDP in near future.

With the fall of Satyam Empire. Not only Corporate Image tarnished, but companies like IBM and Accenture acquired prominence.

Attack on India by terrorists had effected Tourism Industry of India adversely.

With the coming of ‘NANO’ in the market, Indian roads would further overcrowded.

In India, Preprations for ensuing Lok Sabha Elections had made parties like NCP very important.

“UPA Government had witnessed lot of ups and downs in 5 years, but his Government could control all such calamities through their Prudent Economic Policies” Dr. Man Mohan Singh.

Mera India” Programme hosted by Mr. Krishan Ralleigh, Chief Editor, India Link Int. Magazine rightly concluded that Parliamentary System in India had been working well



Reveille (JAGO)

The bugle sounds the call to rise and go

You sons and daughters from a mighty past

You have been out too long, in hypnotic trance;

And thus deluded, murmured ‘all is well’

You dreamy scions of a valiant race,

Some said ‘don’t disturb my peace’

Their will is lost. And so many just snored

While danger with masked mysterious face

Loomed large and near;

The eyes saw yet did not ‘see’

They saw but did not perceive

Wake up wake up and once again wake up

The air and land is thick with deceiving foes:

They did not come from a million miles

Like confetti they are amany and all about

If you reckon the bugle sound is low,

You need perhaps gunpowder’s thunderous glow!

Heed not this call and refuse to see the signs

Though the nation is in peril of the foes designs

The high and mighty in their counting house

Shout ‘alarmist talk’ and say; ‘we do not hear’

And go back to counting their gold again.

Don’t let them sell the pass.

But alas the enemy is festering within,

There is little time so seize the moment

Anniilate theserpents in thy sleeve,

Mete justice with mercy as is thy creed

And don’t descent into barbaric deeds.

Thenturn and face the faithles foes.

Be united fearless with resolute self belief.

Destiny beckons; wipe,stains of history clean

Look back in time and let them say

Those were the heroes who redeemed

The lost honour of ages past

What magic potion can we find

To defy creeping torpor in the land.

Heal the self-inflicted wounds of avarice and deceit: The mind and body are corrupt yet not the soul

Tell ‘Maan’ why they hurry like headless hens

seeking peace and safety in their life.

The answer lies within; and has a dusty face.

Let words of fire atop some furious winds

Sweep through and blow the dust off every soul.

And restore the radiant shine of self respect again.

The words of Krishna made Arjuna bend his bow

To ignite the fire and purify from head to toe

Until the land that gave you life,

Is cleansed by ‘agni’ to face any strife

Let all be warned here and now

Just honeyed words will not suffice.

Don’t say you are my kith and kin:

Arjuna had the self same notion:

Krishna put him right

Let the call of duty reign supreme

Be single minded: do actions which can be seen

They made the same mistake not once

But twice and thrice

‘Mild they are; and do not like to kill’

Solemnly say ‘we are all brothers under the skin’

But turn the page and see what Krishna told

Despondent Arjuna facing kins in robes of foe:

He let his arrows fly without a wrinkle on his brow.

But ‘Maan’s concern; is it a poetic dream’.

He startles from his slumber so many times

Hark! Is it the bugle or the cannns roar?

This is to tell each and everyone

Quit self satisfied dreams of battles won

Be warned and implored

Draw the sabre when the bugle sounds

All this could come to pass;

Then roll up the maps and look yonder

For the fair land of Hind for a thousand years.

M.S.K. “Maan”

Dr Mohan S. Kataria

Putney London

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