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April - May 2004

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April - May 2004


Kalpasar Sagar to rival Sardar Sarovar Dam

by Bhupendra Gandhi

The heart-throbbing success of Narmada Project, resulting in the creation of Sardar Sarovar, a vast inland sea of fresh water is not only going to greenify the dry and the parched land of our historic Saurastra but will also quench the thirst of our Jawans (soldiers) guarding Bharat's venerable border with Pakistan, in the Runn (desert) of Kutch, has encouraged Narendra Modi, the courageous son of Bharatmata and a visionary Chief Minister of Gujarat, to undertake the feasible study, to prepare a blueprint of an even greater, a grandeur project, so ably dubbed " Kalpasar Project" that may turn the entire parched land of Saurastra and the desert of Kutch into a bread basket to rival the ever green and beautiful land of Punjab and Kerala.

It will create a lake, rather a sea of fresh water that will hold fifty times more water than Bhadar dam and will provide an unlimited supply of fresh water, all year round, even when the unreliable monsoon fails to arrive in Gujarat. Those who have visited Bhavnagar and sailed the Gulf of Cambay would realise what a magnificent, grandeur project Kalpasar could be!
On 5th February, Narendra Modi formally launched the feasibility study of the ambitious Kalpasar Project, Kalpsar a Sanskrit word that means " A lake that fulfills our deepest desire." The project was launched with an operation called "bathymetry" a process, which virtually maps the seabed. To publicise and celebrate the launch of Kalpasar Project, Modiji took to a yacht, sailing the Bay of Cambay, the Bay where the ruins of the sunken city of Dwarka, Lord Krishna's capital, were recently unearthed.
Modiji was accompanied by journalists, financial experts, NRIs as well as local entrepreneurs and various ministers of his State Government. Modiji said that the project would not only herald the end of perpetual water and power shortages in the state but would also make Gujarat self sufficient in the field of agriculture, power and water resources, even exporting these resources to the neighboring states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, as the tidal waves will generate 5580 MW of electricity.

Modiji further said that the State was setting a new benchmark in infrastructure facilities, covering the seaports along the 1600 km of Gujarat coastline as specimens of entrepreneurship and the gateway of an immense prosperity for the people of Gujarat. It will give tourism a head start in adventurous sports, such as bungee jumping and absailing, favourite sport of Prince William and Prince Harry.

One day Gujarat may rival Goa and Kerala in attracting Western tourists, especially as one crore (ten million) Gujaratis live abroad, mainly in the economically prosperous Europe and America and visit Gujarat on a regular basis. The granting of dual citizenship will further strengthen this ties, knot and intertwine the umbilical cord so rudely severed by the unpatriotic Congress government during their long misrule.
Kalpasar Project is immensely complicated, testing the human mind, human resources, human ingenuity to the limit but if Lord Rama's followers can build a bridge joining the mainland Bharat, the port of Rameswaram to Sri Lankan port of Mannar, some six thousand years ago, then I am sure that the descendent of Lord Krishna, the people of Gujarat will be able to emulate and imitate that feat, that accomplishment by damming the bay of Cambay.
The bay of Cambay is virtually an inland sea, a narrow projection, a protuberance of the Arabian sea into the heart of Gujarat where the sea water of the bay is enriched and sweetened by the immense mass of fresh waters of river Sabarmati, Mahi, Bhadar, Vatrak and numerous streams that flow into the sea near the port of Khambat and all along the coast....

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