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April - May 2009

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April - May 2009


Kailash Puri: Eminent Panjabi Writer felicitated at Laguna Restaurant, Ealing

Prominent leaders of Panjabi community in Britain recently felicitated Mrs Kailash Puri, an eminent writer of over forty books. She has been bestowed with many prestigious awards over the years. Now, again, Panjabi Sahit Academy, Ludhiana, has honoured Kailashji with Kartar Singh Dhaliwal Sahitak Award and Panjabi Saith has also honoured her with Gold Medal, Shawl and Trophy. Kailashji, in this 83rd year of her life, is still busy writing books, features and poetry. She will be 84 in April 2009.

Kailash Puri with the latest Award presented by Panjab Sahit Academy, Ludhiana

Dr Sukhbir Singh, Vice Chancellor, Khalsa University London, welcomed her with an appropriate Urdu couplet. Dr GS Gujral and Dr. Rami Ranger paid their tribute to this prolific writer of Punjabi novels, short stories, essays on human psychology and poetry.

Kailashji is a director of East West Family Circle and also teaches Yoga. As an ‘Agony Aunt’ with various TV and Radio channels in the UK, she is very popular with young and old alike.

Krishan Ralleigh, on behalf of Kailash Puri thanked the gathering who were well=wishers and admirers of her work. He commented that literature of a language is its soul. To appreciate the contribution of a literary person is the true award which a community can bestow. Today, Punjabi literature is flourishing because of the contribution of persons like Kailash Puri and the appreciation of people like Dr Sukhbir Singh and Dr G.S. Gujral who as the head of International Punjabi Society in Europe is providing an influential forum to promote Panjabi language and literature in Britain and Europe.

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