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April - May 2009

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April - May 2009


Need of the Hour Right Direction for the Youth

by Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

The most praised, coveted and glorified period in human life is youth. Ever since the birth of a child, he is prepared for his prime time. Youth is known for its zeal, freshness and enthusiasm. It is the spring of one’s lifetime.

A child grows into a young person with the aim of making it big in life. Often, he grows up believing that professional satisfaction is the key to health wealth, happiness and other achievements. Getting a good job, therefore, becomes the driving force for most youngsters.

With scarce resources and too many to feed, competition is the mantra that rules the world. The youth have to vie for limited seats in educational institutions and job openings. They have to prove their mettle at each and every step before they can finally settle in.

The result is that while a small percentage of the clever ones are rewarded, the others are left hopeless. When the only aim which is instilled in a person from childhood is not achieved, it often leads to frustration, low self esteem and lack of vision. Many begin to identify their quality of life with their earnings and status. Their vision is limited to this one dimensional growth.

However, it is often seen that despite excelling professionally, many people suffer in personal or social life. In other words, despite achieving professional well being, happiness and holistic contentment still remain distant dreams.

It happens this way because while Intelligence Quotient is stressed all the time, Emotional Quotient and Spiritual Quotient is never prepared for. A person remains largely untrained for meeting life’s personal challenges.

We live in an imperfect world today and there arise many situations in which a person’s values are tested. A youth gathers from the available sources of information around him and judges the situation. Lack of proper direction coupled with growing distractions of a changing lifestyle promoted by media add to his mental tussle.

In this tussle, many youngsters find it convenient to compromise their values. There are still many who try to maintain a basic ethical code. When they are faced with tougher challenges at every step without any proper guiding force, their conscience starts to get cluttered. Either life seems a struggle to them or they replace higher values like honesty and compassion with superficial ones like adjustment and teamwork and good manners.

It is well known that values are vital for life. However it is not as well known that all values are rooted in spirituality. The innate values of the soul – peace, power, love and bliss – are the source of all other positive values. Unless a youth is spiritual, these values cannot be acquired or experienced.

In present times therefore, it can be said that the youth are experiencing a spiritual crisis. They are not acquainted with the righteous spiritual guiding force that could help them channel their effort into a fruitful and resourceful experience, a period that they can look back on with satisfaction instead of a time that they would regret and only learn from later.

More than 70 per cent of the Brahma Kumaris service force comprises of youth, both women and men, who aspire for holistic development. They are intent on gaining spiritual values for a fuller utilization of their capacities. They are also involved in spreading this spiritual knowledge among others because they believe that serving others is a source of accumulating their stock of blessings.

(Courtesy of Purity Bureau, Delhi)

Raja Yoga Meditation as practised by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a perfect tool to bring about changing our awareness and attitude. Come and experience for yourself the benefits of meditation by visiting or telephoning 020 87273350 for more details and information

A Return to the Roots

Roots are the hidden foundation, the support. All foundations are hidden and incognito and though unseen are responsible for holding up every structure. A building, no matter how new or old and no matter how beautifully built, requires a solid foundation if it is to remain standing.

A human being also has an invisible foundation. The body, the words and the actions, the visible structure of human life, have at their roots subtle energy. The process called ‘death’ occurs when this subtle energy leaves the human being. There is a mouth, but there are no words; there are eyes, but they do not see. There is a body, but there is no movement. The structure remains but the foundation has gone. The foundation of human life is not material.

Until we examine the roots of our human existence, we cannot begin to understand and change ourselves. Psychology has attempted to reach these roots and has helped us understand the inner world of both our subconscious and conscious patterns. However, to truly know ourselves we must return to the seed.

For human beings, thoughts are the seed. Thoughts spring from the soul – a point of non-material energy, eternal in form and identity. The soul is not subject to change as is the body. The soul, which is not of the material world, is the foundation of consciousness; this living, non-physical entity holds our personality, our thoughts, our desires and our emotions.

Just as the seed of a tree holds its image deep within until appropriate conditions permit its manifestation, the soul holds within the image of individual personality manifesting through action.

On the spiritual path we attempt to reach what is eternal in human personality. Irrespective of the negativity we have accumulated within, our basic nature is pure.

The soul – that is the true self – is not originally sinful, it is originally good. To be on a spiritual path means we will experience this original goodness. When this precious energy is experienced, there is a leap of consciousness. In history this leap has been known as illumination. Illumination is the leap to new insight that gives confidence and hope. Then there is more reality in life and, consequently, more happiness. We are renewed.

Raja Yoga Meditation as practised by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a perfect tool to bring about changing our awareness and attitude. Come and experience for yourself the benefits of meditation by visiting or telephoning 020 87273350 for more details and information

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