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June - July 2009

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June - July 2009


The Armed Forces Hindu Conference Birmingham April 2009

The President of the Geeta Bhawan Birmingham welcomed everyone.

The Hindu Chaplain Acharya Krishan K Attri (The organiser of the Conference) thanked the management committee for having provided the venue to such a conference. He said that it was the first time that a conference of this magnitude was being held in Birmingham. He thanked the Armed Forces Chaplaincy Heads, Major General Rutledge, Lord King of West Bromwich, Speakers from various parts of the country and other guests for their presence and encouragement to the delegates.

Shri Maheshwara Chaitanya a senior yoga and meditation teacher from Wales was invited by Acharya Krishan Attri to speak on the benefit of yoga and Meditation.

Shri Jay Lakhani the renowned Scholar on Hinduism greeted everyone by saying Namaste and explained the values of Hinduism and said that we should make faith a part of our body.

He emphasised the value of freedom but stressed that no one should compromise but should share values with one another. He said that every ones religion should be best for him or her. Religion encourages tolerance and respect for one another. The aim of the religion is to unite members of faith communities.

Today the emphasis is on understanding differences and valuing them. There is a great need for developing respect for each others values and learn from them.

Dr Shukla OBE DL DCL JP started by saying that our country UK is immeasurably enriched by the diversity of its people and by the special gifts of heritage and culture in a pluralistic society of our country religious institution play an important role propagating tolerance and creating social harmony which forms the base of Hindu philosophy. Today Hindus form a substantial element in the British society and are much better known in a variety of ways and are making a valuable contribution to the British mosaic.

Hindus like other faith communities hold values and they are peace, love, truth tolerance non violence and good conduct.

Hindus believe there are five things which cause person’s down fall they are lust anger greed egoism and attachment to material wealth they believe there are five things which can lift a person to higher level they are satisfaction, service sympathy forgiveness and sacrifice.

He then described the role of a Hindu Temple in a multi faith Britain. Its first role was to teach ethics and moral values to its members. it is also a place where members study scriptures which enrich human values and the second role is to forge partnership between temple and the rest of the institutions in the area. It constantly encourages young people to develop loyalty towards their country UK.

In concluding the Conferences the Hindu Chaplain Acharya Krishan Kant Attri said that he was thrilled to see the large gathering of HM Forces personnel and thanked everyone for attending and presented the guest speakers with a memento in recognition of their contribution to the conference.

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