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August - September 2009

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August - September 2009


Roko Cancer- Onward Progress Report

Breast cancer is a deadly disease which claims thousands of lives every year. Working towards the cause of creating awareness and detection of breast cancer among women of all sections of the society is the aim of ROKO Cancer Charitable Trust, India. Equipped with a mobile cancer detection unit, the Trust conducts free mammograms and will soon be conducting awareness camps for cervix, prostrate and oral cancer as well.

Ex Miss Universe and Bollywood actor Sushmita Sen, an ambassador for Roko Cancer

Only last December, ROKO Cancer organised a cancer awareness and detection camp in Delhi’s reputed India Habitat Centre. Various NGOs from all over Delhi participated. For the very first time various hospitals and doctors partnered the campaign and a team of doctors from Delhi State Cancer Institute and Rajeev Gandhi Cancer Institute were present. Free mammograms were conducted, and awareness spread through the screening of educational films on cancer and a street play too was performed to enhance awareness on these topics.

Roko Cancer has a dedicated team of volunteers who organise campaigns in various parts of India

ROKO Cancer campaign has launched a 30-second public interest message which was premiered at a dinner event at the House of Lords, London, last year with the message saying “Cancer does not always strike others.”

Early detection is the key to fighting breast cancer. The public interest message will be dubbed in Indian regional and foreign languages to be aired globally. The message video can also be viewed on Ex Miss Universe and Bollywood actress Ms Sushmita Sen has also partnered the cause.

ROKO Cancer Charitable Trust uses cancer awareness walks, leaflets for early detection, free mammograms, street plays, lectures, counselling by well-qualified and competent doctors, screening of documentaries and regular awareness and detection camps for early screening of the disease.

Monogram being conducted by a specialist

They have campaigned successfully in Punjab, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, Bangalore and Himachal Pradesh. In their endeavour to spread the awareness of breast cancer, they have involved various schools, colleges, rotary clubs, hospitals, medical colleges. The motto has always been early detection and a realisation amongst general public that cancer is a disease, not a death sentence.

Cancer Awareness and Detection Camp in New Delhi

ROKO Cancer Charitable Trust has also worked with HCL Technologies, Army Wives Welfare Association, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Tata Chemicals, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, Rajeev Gandhi Cancer Institute, Delhi State Cancer Institute, Indian Cancer Society, Can Support and various NGOs to spread awareness on breast cancer. Their research support partners in the UK are Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research, UK.

Another free monogram being conducted

On January 8, 2009, ROKO Cancer Trust participated in the Golden Jubilee District Conference SUVARNA UTSAV 2009 at Goa. The chairman of the trust, Mr A.P.S. Chawla gave a thought-provoking and enlightening key note address. The event was presided over by TRF Trustee Carolyn Jones as RI president’s representative.

ROKO Cancer continues its selfless endeavour to spread cancer awareness and make people better informed about the disease.

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