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August - September 2009

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August - September 2009


Dare to Bare Your Feet This Summer

To bare or not to bare? That is the question. Every summer, when the warmer weather finally rolls around, we experience the same foot-related dilemma. Just how do you do justice to that pair of on-trend gladiator sandals or cute flipflops when your poor, neglected toes have spent the past six months hibernating beneath layers of woolly socks and clumpy Ugg boots?

Fortunately for your feet, the experts at footcare specialists Shuropody have prepared a few simple rules of thumb (or should that be toe?) which, if followed, will ensure your tootsies are on top form to be shown off this spring.

Rule One: Crack Down on Callouses

Attack hard skin by soaking your feet in warm, soapy water, then rigorously exfoliating with a specialist foot exfoliater to slough off those flaky dead skin cells – the team at Shuropody swears by Callus Crème by Clearzal. Pay extra attention to areas where the skin is particularly hard or dry and use a pumice stone or foot file if required.

Rule Two: Lock the Moisture In

Moisturising after you exfoliate is absolutely essential, but don’t just stop there. For super silky, oh-so-soft skin, slather on a foot-tastic cream like Clearzal’s Silk Smooth Foot Cream after you shower and before bedtime, then let it work its magic while you catch up on your beauty sleep. For extra deep rehydration, slip a pair of bedsocks on over the top.

Rule Three: Kiss Cracked Heels Goodbye

Sometimes your feet need a little more than just TLC to make a full recovery. If you suffer from painful, cracked skin, it’s worth investing in a specially formulated heel treatment such as Scholl’s Heel Repair Intensive Cream. Cracked heels can be caused by a wide range of factors, including standing up for long periods and wearing thin-soled shoes – so make sure you treat your feet to a break and some comfortable footwear too! A podiatrist can advise you on what treatment is best for you, so seek professional advice if your cracked heels are causing you discomfort.

Rule Four: Polish Things Off

Don’t let your feet fall at the final hurdle – a good pedicure and polish works wonders. If you can’t make it to your local salon or Shuropody branch, just follow these basics.

Always clip nails straight across – this stops ingrowing toenails. Then, smooth edges with a nail file and gently push back cuticles. Use a toe separator or cotton wool to avoid smudging and apply a basecoat, followed by two thin coats of colour, then a topcoat. Bright pink is going to be big this summer so pick a bold hue.

Finally, blast your toes with cold air from the hairdryer and you’re good to go.

Rule Five: Remember to Treat Your Feet

To get your feet in superb condition, nothing beats a professional treatment. Lie back, relax and let the experts at Shuropody do the hard work for you. Each store has its own team of qualified podiatrists and chiropodists on site, who offer everything from reflexology and pedicures right through to medical treatment of serious foot ailments. Go on, your feet deserve it!

For more information about Shuropody’s range of treatments and to find stores in your area, visit


WOMEN are being warned about a popular eyeliner with alarmingly high levels of lead.

Newham Trading Standards officers have so far seized about 200 cosmetics in the Upton Park area which are suspected of being unsafe. Raids are continuing.

The haul includes the popular Hashmi Surma eyeliner. A laboratory test on one sample of this product, carried out for Newham Council, revealed lead content of almost FORTY per cent. It should be ZERO.

Trading Standards suspect these cosmetics are circulating across the UK and Europe. Officers believe they are being imported from India and Pakistan. They are particularly popular in south Asian, African and Middle Eastern communities in Britain.

Health experts are especially worried small children could get hold of the cosmetics and swallow them. There are a wide range of symptoms, from headaches and stomach pain to behavioural problems and anaemia. Lead can also affect a child's developing brain.

Cllr Andrew Baikie, executive member for housing, process and business efficiency, said: "This is a superb result for our Trading Standards officers and for the borough. We will ensure that dangerous products like these are not sold in Newham.

"Our intelligence is this stuff may be circulating not just across the UK - but throughout Europe. Newham is being pro-active and taking the lead on what could be a continent-wide issue.

"Safety remains our residents' number one concern and we are investing more in making Newham safer. We are doing all we can to make Newham a better place to live, work and stay in."

Dr Chris Flower, Director-General of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association, confirmed that lead is prohibited from all cosmetic products under the European Cosmetic Directive. This is because lead is a well-known neurotoxin which can damage the whole nervous system including the brain.

Small children are more susceptible to lead poisoning and may be at risk if they swallow this product. Enforcement of the Cosmetics Directive by Trading Standards is an important safety measure for the public.

Report unsafe toys and goods to Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 or

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