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October - November 2009

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October - November 2009

Political News

From Far & Near: Topics of Interest

by Bhupendra Gandhi

Advani’s intransigence - good news for Congress

The Congress party could not hide their joy at the unexpected news that Advani has decided to continue as a leader of the Opposition for a full five year term. Manish Tiwari, a Congress spokesperson was quick to send Advani a message of goodwill and a long stay in his role as the leader of the opposition with a hint that it will secure a further five year term for Congress.

This is indeed a body blow for BJP and their young and dynamic leaders in waiting, as it will hand the victory to Congress on a silver plate. If an actor fails to notice a curtain call, then the audience will forcefully draw the curtain on him. This would indeed be a sad blow, a humiliation for a proud and talented politician, a true heir to one and only Atalji, who has served his party and the country loyally, with dignity.

Sadly this reflects badly on the entire BJP leadership who are seen as spineless, as no one has the courage to tell Advani that his time is up. It is time for him to hang up his boots and play with his grandchildren.

It may be a good quality to be loyal to a party leader but not when the entire future of the party is at stake. The world is moving fast and we have to move with it. In no other country a leader of a party who has been badly beaten in an election, will hang on for another term, especially when the leader is in his eighties.

In five year’s time, when the next general election is held, Advani will be 86 or 87 depending on the timing of the election. He may have to canvass using a Zimmer frame if not from a wheel-chair?

In Sushma Swaraj, Narendra Modi, Varun Gandhi, Arun Jaitley, Rajnath Singh, Maneka Gandhi and Shivraj Singh, a few among many, BJP has a pool of talent, youth and commitment that could win them the next election if they are given the opportunity and the responsibility, the old guard gracefully retiring and taking a back seat, advising the party and the new leaders, as and when asked for.

Advani has served the party loyally and faithfully who fully deserve to be the Prime Minister. Unfortunately his time has come and gone. Like water in a river, time only flows in one way. There is no turning back. He will only humiliate himself and the party if he leads them in the next general election. Why Indian politicians are so bent upon holding to power until ‘death does us part’ is a mystery!

It is indeed encouraging that RSS is putting gentle pressure on Advani to retire before the end of the year, even allowing him to name his successor that would probably be Sushma Swaraj, as she has been loyal to Advani, although I feel it should be up to the BJP National Executives (NEC) to nominate his successor.

We all know what would happen when one person is allowed to over-rule the wishes of the party stalwarts, as happened to Sardar Patel who was unanimously elected to be the first Prime Minister of the independent India but Gandhiji requested Sardar to resign, to let Nehru who was sulking and refused to join the cabinet, to be the first PM of independent India with disastrous consequences.

BJP’s self inflicted wounds

One may wonder why BJP is bent upon pressing the self destruction button. It seems there are more fifth columnists in BJP than in any other political party. It is a puzzle, as most of her leaders come through the ranks of RSS where the loyalty is paramount and the cadre knows the value of self discipline, love for Mother India and above all service to the nation without expecting any financial or political reward. But it seems these ideals have been confined to dustbin.

The betrayal by Jaswant Singh, the former external affairs minister who has come up through the rank of RSS, is the latest example of greed and double standard. He has followed into the footsteps of Vaghela, Uma Bharti, Khurana and many more who were once the stalwarts of BJP but are now either in the wilderness or with Congress.

One may wonder whether Jaswant Singh is deserting the sinking ship, as BJP seems to be in disarray after the debacle in the general election and Advani’s inability to understand the mood of the nation.

It is commendable that BJP has acted decisively in throwing out Jaswant Singh and for Gujarat to ban his book, as he has attacked Sardar, one of the few far sighted and strong willed leaders to come out of the pre-independent Bharat. I hope all BJP ruled states will follow Gujarat and ban his book, make Singh a political pariah, not for praising Jinnah but for maligning Sardar.

Lame excuse for Afghan war

I can not help but wonder why the British public is so gullible that they fall for it, accept any explanation that this government dish out in defence of our involvement in the Iraq and Afghan war where our young soldiers, barely out of their teens, are losing their lives.

The lame excuse put forward by our PM is that it is necessary to make Britain safe from terrorism. This war is supposed to be NATO operation, yet no French or German soldiers are involved in the front line fighting. So none of their young men and women lose their lives. Yet our government would like us to believe that the fighting force is a coalition of all EU countries, part of the Afghan war campaign!

There are more terrorist cells here than any where else and London is the administrative and financial capital for most terrorist organizations. Some of these organizations are even banned in most Muslim and European countries but not here in Britain. It is only a question of time before we, not France or Germany, will suffer another 7/7 tragedy.

This country is always in the front line, whether it is swine flu, mad cow disease, bird flu, illegal immigration or terrorism, due to our egoistic politicians of every colour and shape who live in the past, believing we are still a global super power, even though we are on the verge of bankruptcy with the highest per capita debt in the world. Our human right activists, who earn their living protecting the criminals, believe they are Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi rolled into one!

Mr Cameron will only attack Labour on the war front for propaganda purpose, if there is a political mileage to gain and voters to influence. It seems sleek presentation, being resplendent on TV and political posturing counts more than the truth, honesty and statesmanship.

We are led to believe that our professional soldiers are fully committed and eager to serve the motherland. But reading reports in various national newspapers, filed by their own correspondents who are in the front line with our soldiers in Helmand province clearly suggests that most are eager to get out as soon as possible, with their mates and comrades alive. No wonder when Taliban ambush and booby trap, IED led tactics blow up their comrades in front of their eyes, they feel helpless and disgusted.

They may willingly give up their lives in defence of Queen and country, to defend Banbury and Birmingham but Musa and Babaji are just names on the map. They don’t care about the future of Afghanistan, democracy, rebuilding the war torn country, to bring fresh water, build schools and turn the nation into a peaceful, progressive and prosperous nation. This is political idealism at its worse. Deep down, most politicians know it but are too coward to admit it.

The popularity and persuasive power with matching oratory skill of US President Barrack Obama will drag us even deeper in this un-winnable war. Mr Brown will relish a pat on the back from Mr Obama as was the case when it became a matter of prestige for Mr Brown as to who will be the first European politician to meet Mr. Obama in the White House after his historic win.

This was hype created by the British media that controls our hearts and minds, as the leaders of self respecting, most successful and economically prosperous countries like France, Germany, Japan, Russia and China would not give a dime to be an American puppet on a stretching string.

Wake up Mr Brown and Mr Cameron. Show some courage and tell us the truth. But with the approval of the Afghan war rising in the opinion poll, no politician will have the courage to tell us the truth, let alone admit the mistake and withdraw our Young Soldiers from the front line. Unfortunately we reap what we sow and get what we deserve.

MP Assembly passes historic resolution

Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly passed a resolution unanimously, expressing their support for Kashmiri Pandits’ demand for a Union Territory in their ancestors’ homeland, the beautiful valley of Kashmir, one of the most beautiful place on earth that is ravaged by terrorism, indifference and political posturing beyond imagination.

Kashmir could have become the Switzerland of Asia, attracting millions of tourists, from the prosperous South Asian countries like Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, but especially the prosperous Indians scattered throughout the West.

Unfortunately the people of not only the valley of Kashmir but throughout the region, collectively known as the North West Frontier, the wild frontier, have adopted the culture of violence, extremism and hatred for every one who does not share their extreme religious dictate that keeps the people illiterate, backward and at odds with the rest of the world. Peace and progressive attitude is the essential ingredient for a nation, a region to develop its potentials, especially tourism.

Religious beliefs, conservatism and progress can live side by side as so ably demonstrated by progressive Islamic nations like Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey and UAE where Western tourists flock to catch winter sun, to escape the cold, damp and gloomy weather in their own countries.

The resolution by Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly incorporated various demands that include Confidence Building Measures (CBM) to protect temples and shrines, an economic package that would enable Pandits to settle down, build their homes, to develop the region, to guarantee their security and a dialogue between the representative “Panun Kashmir” and the Union Government to eradicate the poverty and the sufferings of the community who are in an unique situation, refugees in their own country and still living in refugee camps in and around the city of Jammu after some thirty years when they were forced to leave their homeland.

Although this is a noble gesture on the part of Madhya Pradesh and worthy cause, it will have no effect on the Central Government, as helping, placating Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus) may affect adversely the Congress vote bank and Hindus in India are not interested in the plight of the Kashmiri Pandits who are seen as arrogant, self centred and having an exaggerated opinion of their own importance, a God’s gift to humanity, unable or unwilling to mix with Hindu communities and organizations.

Most Pandits live in the past and are loyal to the Congress Party that created this situation, as leading light of Congress, Jawaharlal Nehru was a Kashmiri Pandit, the politician many blame for the division of India and creating the Kashmir situation by going to UN too early, before the Indian army could finish the job, driving the Pakistani invaders out of the Kashmir valley.

If Kashmiri Pandits would like justice, then they should strive to have such a resolution passed by every state in the Union, especially in the Congress ruled states, starting with Delhi and they should come down from their pedestal and mix with the Hindu community throughout the world, especially in the West. On their own, they are a drop in the ocean who will cease to exist in a few decades, as is happening to Parsees, even though they are one of the most dynamic, progressive, peace loving and prosperous community that failed to integrate with the mainstream Indian community.

Our bleeding heart judiciary

We call ourselves a civilized society. But we have amongst us some of the greediest crooks who would not blink an eye when robbing their so called clients, ruining their health and their lives in the process. Most of the victims live a hand to mouth existence on state benefits, created by left politicians.

This is the culture cemented by our bleeding heart politicians who lack the courage to tell these unfortunate people that they should work, and be responsible for their families and their welfare. Benefit dependency is the obstacle to advancement on every front, educational, social, political and especially economic front.

In a way, this is the fault of the successive governments, politicians of all shape, size, colour and persuasion who have created a dependency culture in thousands of families.

It is crystal clear that in countries where the benefits are limited to bare minimum, people are hard working instead of being lazy, work shy. They have ambition to climb out of poverty rather than get out of bed at midday.

It is mind boggling that some of these people borrow money from loan sharks to buy Christmas presents, go on holidays and buy expensive plasma televisions and ruin their lives and their health in the process. How ignorant one can be?

The recent case of a loan shark who forced his captive prey to repay nearly £90,000 for borrowing £500 is a prime example of unhealthy, criminal-friendly judiciary. The money was extracted with threats of beatings and violence by a gang of professional, bouncer type debt collectors working outside the law.

The bleeding heart judges gave this heartless criminal who charged his client 2,500% interest, a 51-week sentence, suspended for just two years which means he would be able to resume, paddle his filthy trade, criminal activities after a two year break.

In any other country he would have received at least ten years, in US at least 30 years and barred from acting as a money lender for life, but not in our loony left, criminal friendly Britain. I hope, at the confiscation hearing, he will be stripped off his ill-gained assets, the proceeds going to his victims.

Our judiciary is one of the most criminal-friendly in EU, with bleeding heart judges who are nominated for life. It is time we are allowed to elect our judges in a free and fair election, for a term of five to seven years and throw out the judges who fail to protect venerable people from the clutches of such ruthless criminals.

The Labour party has been in power since 1997 and should have carried out these reforms a long time ago. The fact is we are too set in rigidity, too afraid to change and too stupid to understand what harm such policies are doing to our beloved nation.

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