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October - November 2009

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October - November 2009

Dispatches & Reports

Dispatches & Reports

Pakistan India Friendship Forum UK has elected their new committee as below.

Mr Rajan Sehgal FCA has been reelected as the Chairman and Mr Saleem Shaikh as the President, other office bearers are as below: The forum is going to celebrate Id and Diwali jointly on 9th October at C & L Country Club. For further up to date information log in to or in short

The Executive committee: L to R: (Sitting) Tariq Choudhary, Javed Malik, Rajan Sehgal (Chairman). Swamiji (guest-visitor from India), Shaikh Saleem, Nirmal Rayat
Standing: Ashok Kapoor, Bobby Amin, Noreen Gul, Natasha Sheikh, Zahid Qureshi, Mohammed Rizvi (Gen.Sec.)

The new committee that was elected was as follows:

President - Shaikh Saleem

Vice president - Ashok kapoor

Senior vice president - Nirmal Rayat

Chairman - Rajan Sehgal

Vice Chairman - Javed Malik

Senior vice chair - Tariq Choudhary

General secretary - Mohammed Rizvi

Joint general secretary - Noreen Gull

Company & Finance Secretary -

Krishan Ralleigh

Press secretary - Bobby Amin

Joint press secretary - Natasha Sheikh

Media and events cordinator - Ray C

PR Secretary - Zahid Qureshi

PR Secretary - Pam Suri

Youth wing secretary - Nasir Iqbal

Youth wing cordinator - Farooq

Vanita Gossain, Director of Ace Medicine Ltd has the first online medical publication. She produces videos on medical ailments, which can be viewed online.

Vanita Gossain (25 years old) was the youngest Doctor to achieve such a high recognition in the medical field, with a stiff competition.

This is used by the final year medical students as a revision aid.

It is indeed a great honour & achievement for our community!

Saga of Success Becomes a Legacy Volume - Dev Raj Sirpal

The Indian Consul General in Birmingham Ms. Jordana Pavel, and Councillor Alan Rudge, Cabinet Member for Equalities and Human Resources of Birmingham City Council, jointly launched a unique book about the challenges faced by a successful local businessman, Dev Raj Sirpal. The launch was also attended by a well-known UK broadcaster and poet, Chaman Lal Chaman and the author of the book, Kul Bhushan, a media consultant to a UN agency, who especially came from India for this event at Mirage Banqueting Suites, Birmingham on Friday, 7 August 2009.

L to R: Kul Bhushan(author and UN Media Consultant), Cllr. Alan Rudge, Cabiet member for equalities and Human Resources of Birmingham City Council, the Indian Consul General in Birmingham Mrs Jordana Pavel, Mr Dev Raj Sirpal, Mr Chaman Lal Chaman, a well-known
UK poet-broadcaster

Mr Sirpal arrived in Birmingham in the mid-1950s with just a few pounds in his pocket and went on to set up a major textile manufacturing unit and bought many properties. All this is presented to international publishing standards in the ‘legacy volume’ entitled ‘Eternal Memories of Dev Raj Sirpal’.

Ms Pavel said that when Mr Sirpal came to Birmingham, it was a different time – both for India and the UK and his hard work and persistence were the basis of his success. Councillor Rudge said that family, faith and friends were the foundation of our society and Mr Sirpal had shown plenty of evidence of his commitment to all three as over 150 family members and friends were present to congratulate him and his faith in his religion was well founded.

Kul Bhushan said the theme of the book is ‘Those who forget the past have no future’. Thus, the book presented the saga of Mr Sirpal as a challenge to his future generations to excel his achievements. Not only a treasured family heirloom, ‘Eternal Memories’ will provide first hand information for researchers on migration.

Recording over eight decades of his momentous career, this ‘legacy volume’ gives the saga of his travel from a small village in Punjab to Birmingham in the 1950s, his struggles to establish a leading textile manufacturing unit and his contributions to his family, community and spirituality. Four generations of Mr Sirpal attended the glittering launch and lavish banquet with his friends and local dignitaries who were regaled by a popular recording artiste, Shaheen Khan until well past midnight.

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