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October - November 2009

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October - November 2009


Vibha weds Karan

Parental love, especially that of Indian parents, finds its fulfilment when their beloved daughter after attaining high profile education also finds a life partner who, in their eyes, is a perfect match for their ‘little charmer’. Vibha and Karan met while studying at Bristol University. Both were diligently absorbed in their respective discipline of legal studies.

Bride with bridemaids: Meenal Uppal (left) & Neema Patni (right)

“When I first met him”, says Vibha, “I did not even think of any romantic attachment with him. To me he was just one of those other students whom you meet casually. But gradually, acquaintance turned into friendship; and steady friendship after almost six years turned into love. I must confess, I liked his sense of humour and caring attitude. It is difficult for me to pinpoint the moment when our friendship turned into love.”

L to R: Sanjiv Bhatnagar, Shaan Bhatnagar, Sareena (Karan’s sister),Kiran Chopra (father), Karan, Vibha, Ranjila (Vibha’s mother & Anita Chopra (Karan’s mother)

For Karan, the experience was somewhat different. He got so impressed by this tall, eloquent and cultured Indian girl even at their first meeting that he began to find various excuses of talking to her; and the more he was in her company the deeper got the intensity of his love. The steady friendship lasted for almost six years.

L to R: Shaan, Ghanshamji, Rekha, Ranjila, Karan, Vibha, Yashomati, Sanjiv, Asha & Sudhir Bhatnagar

Finally, Karan mustered courage and popped the crucial question to Vibha, who directed him to her parent, Ranjila and Sanjeev Bhatnagar. Her parents, themselves very liberal, gave their consent readily with generous blessings. Both Vibha and Karan are now working as solicitors, Vibha with the reputable law firm Norton Rose, and Karan with Sherman Sterling solicitors. India Link International wishes them well in their new life as soulmates.

The groom on horse with the baraat arriving at Grosvenor House with the beat of dhol

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