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October - November 2009

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October - November 2009



Everyone wants to have lighter and brighter looking skin. Clinogen Laboratories have developed Radiance By SJ3, a medi-spa range that tackles our quest for brighter, fairer and clearer looking skin. Mercedes Johansen finds out more


During this festive period everyone is trying to achieve fairer, brighter and luminous looking skin. Coming out of summer and with the autumn/ winter party season beginning we’re all looking to rehydrate and rebalance our skin which is becoming dehydrated as the central heating is switched on.

Give your skin an extra boost with Radiance By SJ3 a fully fledged medi-spa range encompassing exfoliation, hydro-active gels masques containing botanicals and natural vitamins for lifting, firming and soothing, then the skin is rehydrated with it looking visible fairer and brighter after just 1 hour.

Radiance By SJ3 is a medi-spa therapy providing Skin Brightening & Rejuvenating and has been specially formulated by Clinogen Laboratories to enhance the skin with three key steps in mind – rejuvenation, rehydration and radiance.


This facial is pure hands-on therapy at its best. This deeply relaxing and regenerative treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, nourishing, rehydration and brightening. It is recommended for pigmented, blotchy or tired looking skin and helps to rebalance all skin types including dry, dehydrated, mature or delicate skins.

Brides to be can prepare their skin so that they achieve a natural looking skin and reduce the amount of heavy make-up that is often used as their skin can look tired and blotchy. But remember, grooms also benefit from


Radiance by SJ3 embraces the uniqueness of your skin and the vital, regenerative properties of various plant and herbal extracts. The therapy begins with Radiance Cleanser & Exfoliant which removes make-up and gently exfoliates the skin, followed by Radiance Five Minute Masque which helps to breakdown pigmentation, even out blotchy skin and brighten skin tone. The skin is the cleansed ready for a three layer sequence of the Soothing & Relaxing Hydro-Active Gel Masque then Lifting & Firming Hydro-Active Gel Masque is applied to nourish the skin; the layering of gels is topped off with Super Hydrating Crème Masque which helps to make the skin appear plumped up and softened. Finally, Radiance Brightening Crème is applied to give the appearance of luminous and youthful looking skin and maintaining a lighter and brighter complexion.


Maintenance is a key part of any skincare routine and Radiance By SJ3 gives you a homecare regimen that is extremely effective yet simple and uncomplicated, with just three products needed to enhance and improve your skin’s texture and tone:

Radiance Foaming Cleanser & Exfoliant – accelerates cell removal by loosening the bonds that hold dead cells to the skin’s surface and helps stimulates cell regeneration leading to a fresher and healthier looking skin. It has soothing properties which gently purify and refresh the skin without the harsh, drying effects of soap.

Radiance Five Minute Masque - helps to counter-act the appearance of pigmentation, dull and lifeless skin. Used one a week, Radiance Five Minute Masque ensures a brighter, healthier glow to the skin.

Radiance Brightening Crème - enriched with plant extracts and oils, supplying essential nutrients to the skin stimulating a deeper circulation and assisting in the regeneration of already damaged cells. This allows the skin to effectively control and reverse the visible signs of deterioration such as fine lines, broken capillaries, uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

Radiance By SJ3 Skin Brightening & Rejuvenating Therapy is more than a facial, this complete sensory experience supports healthy circulation and optimises the skin’s natural regenerative process.


Clinogen Laboratories offers treatments at their Aesthetic & Paramedical Centre in Old Windsor and has teamed up with India Link International to give readers special pricing on both treatments and products.

Call +44 (0) 845 225 2909 for an appointment or more information.

About Clinogen Laboratories & Sujata Jolly

Clinogen Laboratories is the brainchild of veteran scientist and healthcare opinion leader Sujata Jolly. Her background in medical science stems from her childhood when she began to show a keen interest in “making things better”. As a result she devoted her career to research and development of healthcare products to address real problems that people face. Her major innovations include:

Oxypeel – the prescriptive paramedical treatment for problem skins combining oxygen therapy and biological exfoliation. Oxypeel treats common skin problems such as acne, scarring, pigmentation, cholasma, melasma, sun damage and ageing skin.

Micropigmentation (also known as semi-permanent make-up) – Sujata was the first person in the West to develop this procedure and manufacture pigments; she is able to treat people wishing to have a cosmetic improvement as well as for remedial care following surgical procedures including breast reconstruction.

Epil-Pro – a revolutionary method removing unwanted hair using sound technology, inspired by the shattering glass in the Memorex advertisements. Whereas systems such as laser and IPL are not suitable for Asian and African/ Caribbean skin tones, Epil-Pro is suitable for all skin tones and hair colours

Youki The Wound Healer is a novel treatment for chronic wound such as leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure sores. The range is now being used following cosmetic procedures such as red vein removal, laser and IPL treatments and chemical peels to calm and heal the skin.

Radiance By SJ3 – a medi-spa therapy embracing skin lightening, brightening and rejuvenation giving visible results instantly. It is formulated to nourish, rehydrate and enhance the skins’ texture and tone.

Due to her decades of experience, Sujata is also an opinion leader in the healthcare and beauty sectors and is often called upon for her expert opinion in these matters. She is a regular on the BBC and has also appeared on ITV, CNN and Al Jazeera and is often quoted in print media.

For more information on Sujata see and

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