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December 2009 - January 2010

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December 2009 - January 2010



Dear Krishan,

We are all delighted to know that you are celebrating 16 years of India Link International.

It is a great tribute to you for all your hard work and I send my heartiest congratulations.

With best wishes,

Lord Swraj Paul,

From Sir JK Chande

Dear Editor

Life of an individual is subject to the limited compass of childhood, youth, mature age and old age. This limitation need not apply to the life of India Link International which celebrates its sixteenth birthday and will, perpetually remain youthful. The Publication, which aims at providing to its large number of readers a vehicle through which they get informed and air their views on diverse subjects.

I am aware that the Founders of the Magazine in its early days struggled a great deal but with the tenacity of purpose they persevered and we now enjoy a high quality publication covering a variety of subjects – politics, business, history, etc.

Birthdays are always pleasant occasions and as the Directors and Management celebrate the anniversary I salute them for fulfilling the needs of readers and of advertisers and wish them continued success in their endeavours.

J K Chande

Dear Editor,

This letter is in reference to the recent fury of Bal Thackeray over Sachin's statement saying that being an Indian is more important than being a Maharashtrian.

Wake Up......! Another blow to the pride of our secular nation! …. while previous wounds have still not healed, the nation is bleeding and weeping, afresh. However, this time the pain is not over the wounds of the past, but over the hot-off-the fire debasement which has lacerated the soul of the nation yet again. This outrage came in wake of a recent statement made by Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, "Mumbai belongs to India. That is how I look at it. And I am a Maharashtrian and I am extremely proud of that but I am an Indian first". Mr. Thackeray saw this as an attempt to attenuate the image of Marathi “manoos”, which he had created some years ago to bulk up his vote bank. It sure has worked well for him, but in the bargain has created a rift between people of the same nation! A rift, created to satiate the false ego of a power hungry political sycophant.

Amitabh Bachchan to Sachin Tendulkar, all have borne the tongue-lashings of this man, who is a self-proclaimed protagonist of the interests of the Marathi “manoos”. Little does he realize that his whims and fancies are not only costing lives of hundreds of people but also creating bitterness amongst the various sections of people of this country.

Who on earth would interpret, that praises for India first and Maharashtra second would demean Maharashtra’s stature in the country? Only Bal Thackeray has such acumen and its quite unfortunate that he shares his acumen with the rest of the country garbed in his venomous speeches!

People of such mental make-up take undue liberty of being in a democratic country. Freedom of speech gets mocked at royally! With ageing body, Mr. Bal Thackeray (and his nephew Raj) seems to have forgotten that Maharashtra is a part of India and Indian citizens do not require a passport or a visa to live and work there. Contrary to the general sentiments of the Indians, the duo of Thackerays think that expression of love is ruining our culture; they believe that loyalty towards Maharashtra comes before loyalty towards India. Hold on! This isn’t it. They also firmly believe that every person in Maharashtra should carry out his/her business in Marathi language. Good Lord! Then why am I able to see his very own site ( displaying the usage of English language? May be, this is what is defined as “Hypocrisy” in dictionaries.

It’s high time that such people put their head on shoulders and refrain from creating divide of any kind in India. Our country has had enough of hair-brained political games played on behest of religion and caste. If we, the common man of India, do not rise and wake up to this call, then we would have no one to blame for the innumerable sufferings in the future. Of course media has to work hand-in-glove with the common man, by not giving extra mileage to inflammatory opinions of such people.

The time has come and the time is now! Either we shut our ears towards the strategic “divide and rule” sermons of such power hungry goons (calling them politicians would be a misnomer) or we gear ourselves for ripping our country into 28 smaller pieces. The choice is ours.

Thanks & Regards,

Madhumita Thakur.

From Pravin Bate

Re: BBC 2 Newsnight 10.30 pm

Monday 16.11.09

The government’s insistance that the Birtish forces are in Afghanistan in order to prevent Muslim terror attacks in the UK does not hold water with the British public, and people have seen thorough him in this respect. He really should stop making such claims now. It makes no difference since the seed of terror has already taken root in the UK with the millions of Pakistanis born and living in the UK, all Muslims.

Mr. Bunglawala's inferences for the reason being the Bitish Foreign policy was actually designed to incite hatered into the Pakistanis living in the UK, and acts as a call on Muslims to rise against Gt. Britain, the country which he says "the Muslims love".

The Imaam, as all Pakistanis living in the UK, "love Gt. Britain" because of the opportunities to work, free social benefit, health care, schools and council homes provided by the welfare society in Great Britain. Reciprocally, the country demands loyalty from minority communities living in Britain. Banglawala talks about the Muslim community in the UK and their well-being here, in a Christain land. It would be most interesting if Newsnight were to ask him why his own country Pakistan doesn’t give people of other faiths living there the same rights and freedoms that he takes for granted in the UK for his countrymen?

Many Muslim politicians and leaders of Muslim organisations now embedded within the very heart of the British parliamentary democracy are themselves passive supporters of Islamic terror in the UK by virtue of their silence in real terms except for the token condemnation when their countrymen bomb Gt Britain. Not for a minute do they fool the public with what they say on Question time.

Many of these Muslim politicians dream of an Islamic Gt. Britain in the next 100 years, a movement which has already taken serious root in India as a direct result of the one single and the biggest mistake made by Gandhi and Nehru at the time of partition, the result of which is such now that the very hub of Islamic terror has now relocated from Pakistan and into the south of India from where Islamic terror is now exported to the UK and worldwide.

Please do not mis-interprete this as either religious or racial hatered .. it is not. It is a debate which is being openly discussed amongst normal pople at pubs and restaurants all over the UK, and the BNP will gain more ground unless the BBC open up this debate.

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