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December 2009 - January 2010

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December 2009 - January 2010


The Punjabi Society (British Isles) celebrates Diwali with Punjabi panache

Where else would you find beautiful belly dancers with vigourous ‘Bhangra’ and Bollywood mixes!!

The Punjabi Society (British Isles) celebrated Diwali at the Marriot Hotel Langley with fun, frolic, sumptuous dinner and some interesting speeches.

Members & Office bearers of the Executive Committee of the Punjabi Society (British Isles)

The President Mr TS Sahni in his keynote address welcomed the members and extended his Diwali greetings to all on behalf of the executive committee of the society.

He said, “Diwali, a festival of lights is celebrated all over the world with great joy and jubilations symbolising victory of goodness over evil and triumph of Virtuous wisdom, over ignorance, hatred and insanity.

Diwali brings a message of love, compassion, peace and harmony. Prayers are said for the peace and prosperity of the entire human race. The festival enlightens and illuminates darkened hearts, minds and souls and one feels spiritually uplifted. The spirit and the message of Diwali has assumed a special significance in the existing Global Scenario.

Emphasising the obvious he said that the Punjabis are hard working people and have a rich heritage. They have made a mark in finance, education, scientific and cultural fields in the countries of their residence.

Tracing the history of the society, Mr Sahni said,”The Punjabi Society of the British Isles was established in 1928 on the strong pillar of love, compassion, care and consideration for fellow beings. This great institution has a wonderful track record of making a difference in the life of the underprivileged, sick and the poor by raising funds for charitable and worthy causes and always did its bit in helping the people suffering from natural disasters. These efforts have always received great encouragement and support from the members and business institutions.

The president thanked the UBS bank and the treasurer of the society Mr Avtar Singh Bajaj with whose efforts the UBS was able to involve in the charitable work of the society.

The president specially praised Avtar Singh Bajaj who has always served the Community with great sincerity and dedication through various organisations. He was given special recognition and honour by the society. later in the programme. The president also praised and thanked Lord and lady Mohamed Sheikh for their generosity by has donating £ 1000.

The State Bank of India sponsored the Diwali sweets boxes which were distributed to the audience at the end of the function.

The president especially praised the ROKO Cancer Charity which is doing a wonderful job of diagnosing and containing cancer in India. Concluding his speech Mr Sahni showed his gratitude to all the Executive committee members, General Secretary Mr. Subhash Chander, Treasurer S. Avtar Singh Bajaj, Assistant General Secretary N.S.Rai, Vice Presidents S. Jasbir Singh Anand and Dr. Rami Ranger MBE, Mr Deepak Kalra PRO, Mr. P.K Chadha , Dr. Rajan Chadha, Dr. Pradeep Anand, Mr. K.S.Gulati, Mr. G.S.Bakshi and Mr Hardip Singh.

“They deserve our gratitude and thanks for their continued hard work and commitment to the society and for making this event a great success”, said Mr Sahni.

The president gave his heartiest congratulations to the special advisors Mr. Hanwantbir Singh Chadha, Mr. G.S.Bhalla and Mr Jagmail Singh Gill who have recently been elevated to the position of Patrons on account of their long and dedicated services to the society.

Entertainment being provided by a charming dancer

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