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December 2009 - January 2010

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December 2009 - January 2010


SARDAR PATEL MEMORIAL SOCIETY (UK) SARDAR PATEL (1875 - 1950) birth anniversary

SARDAR VALLABHBHAI’S BIRTH ANNIVERSARY was celebrated at the SATTAVIS PATIDAR CENTRE, Wembley on Saturday 31 October 2009.

With the recent Diwali – festival of light, in mind, the dip, divas and candles were lit by Shree Jitendra Kumar, First secretary (Consular & Community Affairs at the Indian High Commission), Pravinbhai Amin, President of Sardar Patel Memorial Society (UK), Mr.TonyMcNulty (MP), Councillor Harshadbhai Patel, Former Mayor of Brent, Councillor Navinbhai Shah, member of GLA Navinbhai Shah and Mr.Tony Lober, Leader of Brent Council and a a number of Councillors, representatives of organisations and invited guests.

The Secretary of the Society, Kalaben was invited by Anitaben Ruparelia to welcome all the guests.

Sardar’s Bust was garlaned by President, Pravinbhai Amin, Jitendra Kumar, Mr.Tony McNulty (MP) and Councillor Paul Lorber.

Pravinbhai in his address, highlighte Sardar’s contribution as India’s first Home Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister. He also cited an example at the beginning of Sardar’s profession as a lawyer demonstrating his capabilities to stand against any odds. He then inform the audience about the society, its aims of perpetuating the memory of Sardar and his achievements. Pravinbhai informed that two busts of Sardar were installed at India House and at Ealing Road Library.

There was a light interlude when young Tavisha Bhatia presented a dance - Yashomati Maiya, which was choreographed by Minaben Patel

Mr Jitendra Kumar, in his address, showed his appreciation that SPMS was celebrating Sardar’s Birth Anniversary thousands of miles away from India. He commended that Gujaratis coming from the state where Sardar was born showed so much of enterprise, resilience and tolerance resulting in making vital contribution towards India and this country. He said, we are talking about the brave personality. He studied hard and worked so that he could become a barrister. However, he sacrificed his chance to go to the UK for his brother Vithalbhai. He ultimately went to the UK and qualified at Lincoln Inn. His iron Personality was clearly demonstrated when during a surgery performed on him, he showed that nothing had happened. He was very sincere to the task in hand. Once, when he was arguing a case in a court, a message was handed to him that his wife had died. He continued to plead for his client and when the court adjourned, he, promptly rushed to perform his duties towards the family.

Councillor Navinbhai Shah, in his address, said that Panditji - Nehru guided modern India through his socialist policies. The great personality, Sardar, united India to give it a solid foundation. Navinbhai Shah said that we need to do something solid and constructive.

Mr Tony McNulty, MP wished all Nutan Varshabhinandan.

We hear so much about Bapu and Nehru and less about Sardar. However that is why the society like SPMS is needed.We need all three personalities to be remembered.

Mr McNulty said that he did not have to state protocols and proposed a motion that the three councillors, Navinbhai, Rekhaben and Anjanaben, work with Harrow civic centre and asked this meeting to charge these three personalities to establish Sardar’s bust at Harrow Council. He said that if this man was the personification of Gujaraties, to celebrate contribution of Gujaraties in Harrow and Brent it would be a fitting tribute that in addition to the existing bust of Mahatma, Sardar’s bust in Harrow would be a right and fitting tribute. Let us have this working party to come back with the news that the bust of Sardar is to be installed.

The meeting agreed with the proposal and greeted with applause.

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